Our evening meetings programme starts again on 7 September and we have a great programme for 2017-18 and also our 70th Annversary celebrations in store. We also play host to two major photo competitions; the Robertshaw Trophy in October and the Five Towns monochrome print competition in November. The featured picture is one which was used in our external competitions last year, Peter Hrebien’s Thy Last Drop.

By clicking the tabs above you can find our Programme for 2017-18 and plenty of other information about  us and our club, ready for you to come along in September!


Thursday 7 September 7:30 for 7:45pm

First Meeting of the Season: Macro Photography & Photographing Gannets

  Lifestyle Centre, Moss Sq., Crewe
Parking CW1 2DH

The postcode for the centre is CW1 2BB but may not work on your satnav, use CW1 2DH for the car park (Civic Centre)
You are welcome to join us at any meeting, meanwhile please explore the website by clicking the tabs above.
and visit our Flickr site, Facebook page 


NEW – Crewe plays host to international art festival

♦ Wilmslow Guild Welcome Evening – 15 September 7.30 – 1, Bourne St, Wilmslow, SK9 5HD – Website

♦ Warrington Arts Fest Photo competition – details

  ♦  Masters of Print PAGB Competition: Looking like an upgraded Great British Trophy this exciting new competition opens for entries soon: Rules 
There will be an exhibition of the selected prints at a prestigious venue and the competition should raise the profile of club photography.
All those who take pride in their printing should enter!

♦ No more NIK? Well, not quite. We always knew that when Google bought the indispensable NIK software they would not develop it further; now they have said so. It is still available to download, so you can archive a copy. Only problem is future upgrades of Lr etc failing to remain compatible. Matt K attempts a solution (?).

♦ Tips for photographing Eventing by Jeff Carter HERE

L&CPU BIG DAY and NOVICE CUP – 15 October, Tickets £15 incl. buffet lunch and refreshments available HERE after 31 July
Competition will be A4 colour and mono prints from 6 club members who do not hold distinctions (assumed to be BPE, FIAP, RPS or PSA) or qualifications. This is welcome in providing encouragement to newcomers but it will also reveal the wealth of talented members we have in our clubs whose work is of great quality and interest (even importance) but does not accord with the usual competition demands.

♦ Les Simpson has been investigating the mystery of the Victorian ‘Crewe Circle’. Read about Les’ research and other documents on the case here.  

On the FORUM

The Monthly Forum Theme for August is Gardens Can you take a garden photograph for a club competition?
Manuel Álvarez Bravo, Graciela Iturbide, Flor Garduño

Lots of interesting discussion on our Forum; Gregory Crewdson & Masahisa Fukase, using colour, Saul Leiter, Windows 10, Canon re-launch and more!

Niall McDiarmid

Niall’s engaging street portraits of people he meets on his travels round Britain are not just a social record. He brings great skill into composing these shots; colour harmony especially is astonishing. His personable approach to his subjects, who he does not know, is part of his secret, not just in getting their cooperation but in achieving just that right look. His work is bound for classic status. Website


 Here is a selection of photographs from our 2016 Season


 • “Be Careful What You Wish For” is a personal account of art photography since 1970 by Ian McNab.
Ian writes with authority and clarity and we expect the article to be of wide interest. 


• Shirley Baker’s work at the Manchester Art Gallery

Portraying a Nation: Germany 1919–1933 (Tate Liverpool until 15 October) presents the faces of Germany between the two world wars told through the eyes of painter Otto Dix (1891–1969) and photographer August Sander (1876–1964) – two artists whose works document the radical extremes of the country in this period.

August Sander first published his work as a book of sixty portraits called Face of our Time but it was just a  hint of the comprehensive collection that Sander was to compile. Running eventually to 7 volumes his portraits are a unique social record of their time in being so comprehensive. Many also display Sander’s extraordinary talent in portraiture, such as the stylish Secretary at Cologne Radio seen here.

For our full listing, see EVENTS 





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