1600 and all that!

I earlier reported that the L&CPU are following the PAGB lead in requiring 1600 x 1200 PDIs from July. I now find that the L&CPU will require 1600 x 1200 PDIs for the Club Annual in MARCH.

The problem the L&CPU will have is that the 2017 PAGB Inter-Federation Competitions will presumably ask for 1600s (although the entry is in June) and if the L&CPU do not change their rules they will only have 1400s to submit.

The problem is being passed down the line and now we will not have 1600s to submit. It would have been better for us if the change had been made at the L&CPU Individuals Comp in May, especially since individual members are responsible for entries in that competition.

We now have the choice of not entering PDIs at all, or chasing members for 1600 versions of PDIs we want to use, or putting in images which are 25% smaller than their 1600 rivals..

Longer term, please note that the 1600s will display satisfactorily on our projector and there is no need for a new machine. Whilst we would see more detail with 1600s displayed AT 1600 we will not see any difference on our 1400 projector but we can continue to enjoy the very good standards we presently have for as long as members wish – (a new projector is £2,500). We must change to 1600 next season, otherwise submissions to external competitions will not be competitive; 1400s can be entered but will be 25% smaller when viewed by the judges through a 1600 projector – an obvious disadvantage and probably completely spoiling any chance of an image being selected to represent the L&CPU in the PAGB competitions.

Remember that you can reduce an image size with no problems but enlargement degrades the image. This degradation is lessened by using specialist software but the fact that new pixels are being added to the image inevitably means lost detail compared to a 1600 made in the normal way.

All other PDI standards remain the same.

NOTE added 8 January – At the Exec Meeting yesterday the L&CPU decided that, for the Club Annuals, all projections will be at 1400, so the 1400 entries will not be at a disadvantage.

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