Nature and Mono Print Annual Winners

March 4, 2018 in Information

We also asked Bob Brown and John Royle to comment on their section winning prints, firstly Bob

The Waxwing was taken on the 29/12/2016 at Llandudno, B&Q car park. This was my third attempt in North Wales, in different areas. In the previous two attempts I had views of the Waxwings, unfortunately too distant to photograph. The ones on B&Q carpark we’re about 30 feet away, a flock of about 40 feeding on the berries. They tend to gorge on the berries briefly then fly off into a much taller tree to digest the berries, then fly back again after about 10 minutes.

The photo was taken on quite a bright day. I used a Canon 1D Mk1V 500mm f4 lens with a 1.4x converter.

Shutter speed 1/5000. AV f5.6. ISO 500. Exposure compensation 0. Shot in Raw format.

I did very little in Photoshop, just toned down the brightness, High pass filter to lightly sharpen. I printed the photo on my Canon IP8750.


This type of image is well known to club photographers and a street in Ronda was an example not to miss; the chevron cobbling, the interesting ironwork, the uniform colour of the houses and the well at the end as our “focal point”.

I took a shot immediately of the empty street but I wanted a person walking down that road on the right. It didn’t take long before my nattily dressed guy appeared and all I needed was for him to remain the only occupant of the street and to turn right. Luck stayed with me and I got my wish!

The picture was taken with a Fujifilm 100F. This camera has a fixed 23mm lens (35mm equivalent) but there are adaptors available and I was using the wide-angle one giving 19mm. I would have preferred that the adaptor had not been on but I liked the result and the only cropping is that due to correcting the diverging verticals.

1/950 @ f8 ISO 200 19mm

With processing, there was a fair amount of divergence which was easily corrected in Lightroom. I changed the camera profile to ACROS +red filter in Lightroom and then played with black and white clipping, shadows and highlights and contrast until I was happy with the rendition of the light and dark areas.

I printed it on Pinnacle Baryta paper with my R2880 Epson printer. I think I had tried it on Oyster first but just didn’t get the density in the blacks which I was looking for.

The photograph was taken during a few days in Andalucia in May last year. I only took the 100F, two adaptors, tiny flash, batteries and charger in a very small bag. In the heat we endured I was so grateful to have little to carry whilst confident I would easily get good 20”x16” enlargements from the files.



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