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PDI Annual (Jim Harrison Trophy) 2018

March 15, 2018 in Crewe PS news

Paul Hill succeeded in a clean sweep tonight by being awarded the PDI of the Year, having already won the Print of the Year two weeks ago.

The judge was Roger Evans MPAGB FBPE EFIAP from which we learned a great deal, especially in taking sports images, which is Roger’s specialism. Kath Hill gained first place with Boy Racer in the general section, Ian Whiston took first in Nature with his cheetah cubs and Paul first in mono. Roger then had to select his preferred image from the three as Print of the Year and Paul’s The Library took it.

The best PDI wins the Jim Harrison Trophy, which has been awarded since 2004 and marks a very well loved and respected member who, in his late nineties, was one of the first members to buy a digital camera. Jim lived to celebrate his centenary with us, an event marked by a gold medal awarded to him by the L&CPU.   Inset Roger (L) present the Cup to Paul Hill.

The Results can be found here



Afon Lloer – Paul Hill BPE

March 3, 2018 in Crewe PS news, Information

We asked Paul Hill  to tell us something about taking and processing his Print of the Year, Afon Lloer and he sent us this excellent account…..

My photo was taken in March last year when I spent the weekend in Snowdonia. The weather forecast was terrible for most of the weekend (heavy rain) apart from the Saturday morning when I had a ‘window’ of dry weather till about 11am.
I arrived at Llyn Ogwen to get a photo of the boathouse (entered into the mono print league this year) then headed to the location marked with a red spot on the map below to get a photo of the mighty Tryfan mountain and the adjacent mountain range using river Afon LLoer as a lead-in to take your eye towards the mountains. This footpath leads up to a small lake (Ffynnon Lloer) but I didn’t get that far because shortly after getting this shot the rain moved in and it rained for the rest of the day.
The image was shot with my Fuji XT1 and the Samyang 12mm F2 manual focus lens probably at F11 (LR can’t display the aperture and focal length) with a 2.5s exposure. I took a number of images with various shutter-speeds but preferred the one with the milky-water.
I used a hard neutral density graduated filter (not sure which one) to hold back the brighter sky and emphasise the dark clouds. I also used a 0.9 (3 stop) and a 1.2 (4 stop) neutral density filter to reduce the shutter speed from 1/60s to 2.5s
I processed the RAW image in LR but didn’t do much to the image, I just needed to tweak the colour balance because there is usually a colour shift when using strong ND filters or when using cheaper filters. My 1.2 ND filter especially causes a noticeable colour shift.
On the Sunday it snowed heavily so I headed to Cwmorthin Quarry, where I got the other image that has done well this season, so I’m glad I didn’t cancel the weekend trip when I saw the forecast.

Print Annual: 1 Mar 2018: Geoff Reader DPAGB BPE3

March 2, 2018 in Crewe PS news

Geoff Reader kindly stepped in at quite short notice when our original judge became unavailable. Geoff gave us a very interesting evening, conducting the whole thing with a calm authority,  he was encouraging, exercised good club standards in assessing the prints and made some suggestions about how some processing problems could be tackled. It made us all look forward to Geoff’s talk, already booked for nearer the end of the season.

There was ample high quality work on offer because the prints were selected by the authors from the entries they made in the three league competitions held this year.

In the end Geoff had the three prints seen above on the print stand from which to pick his overall winner and it went to Paul Hill’s Afon Lloer. The other winners were: Bob Brown for Waxwing feeding on berries (Nature) and John Royle for The way downtown (Mono). Congratulations to all the award winners.

We are hoping to get the three authors to tell us more about how they captured these shots and processed them.

Paul Hill (R) is congratulated by Geoff Reader DPAGB BPE3


March’s Monthly Theme is Architecture

March 1, 2018 in Crewe PS news

Hello CPS Members,

I’ve chosen Architecture as the Monthly Theme for March with the redevelopment of Crewe town centre in mind. As it’s due to be demolished later in the year now is a good time to record a valuable part of Crewe’s history. The challenge is not to just take a record of the buildings, but to show how it’s part of the community. How do the buildings we see and use relate to people that use them? Can you achieve that through your photography.

Of course this doesn’t mean you just need to focus on Crewe town centre. The theme is open to all architecture, new and old. It’s how you photograph it that’s important. There’s a lot more to it than just documenting the building. Consider the lighting angle and environment. A big problem with photographing builds is their shape. They rarely fit comfortably into the format of most camera view finders. It’s too easy to encounter converging verticals or long low buildings that are a sliver in the frame.  How would you handle that? Would crop it to a letter box format or have a large foreground or sky? Would you get up close and use a wide angle lens?

Think about what you want to say about the subject do you want to emphasise it’s old character or modern facade?  The lens and angle you choose can have a big bearing on that. I like to get in close twisting a wide angle lens for some wacky results. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea though. It’s a personal thing.  Just take a picture that pleases you and them share it with fellow members.



Silver Medal for Martin McGing (Feb 2018)

February 15, 2018 in Crewe PS news

Martin’s capture of a moment of poise has won a silver medal in the Great British Cup 2018


We were very proud indeed to learn that Martin’s image Balance & Co-ordination had won a judge’s silver medal in the PAGB 2018 Great British Cup. Some 57 clubs took part in this national competition and Martin’s was one of just three such medal’s awarded.

Gaining awards in the competition is not new to Crewe PS, Ian Whiston has been very highly placed several times and won the Nature Photographer of the Year in one event, but this is the first time the club has such success with open section images.

Martin is one of our most successful members bringing his consummate skills to sports photography now in addition to his portraiture work.

Well done indeed! Here is to next year!

Martin McGing (L) receives his PAGB silver medal from our Chairman, John Royle

8 Feb 2018 – Stephen Lewis

February 9, 2018 in Crewe PS news

Stephen Lewis ( presented us with one of the most interesting evenings we have experienced at CPS.

He simply talked about his photographs of Iceland but he conveyed brilliantly well the deeply considered way he approached photography. His pictures were pre- planned, pre-visualised to some degree but often he had come across things which he used to make his pictures. His pictures were arrangements of shapes, textures. tones. He started in close, rather than looking at a whole scene (looking for vistas, in the writer’s opinion, is one of the big mistakes in landscape photography). He studied his subject for a long time before setting up his camera.

Edward Weston said something to the effect that compositional rules come from good photographs and not the reverse. Stephen bore this out. It is the arrangement of shapes, texture, tones in your pictures – in a comprehensible or pleasing way.

The evening was such a breath of fresh air, a blessed relief from the doctrine that we all go for the approach that begs favour from those who take a surface view of works.

The travel company that Stephen mentioned is only just down the road, in Woore.

Member’s Evening 1 Feb 2018

February 2, 2018 in Crewe PS news

Martin Smith’s talk told us a lot about astro-photography but came with a warning – for photographing individual planets and other celestial objects even the most sophisticated gear will not get you anywhere near the quality likely to impress club judges! We always enjoy Martin’s engaging and relaxed style of presentation and this talk, beautifully illustrated with photos taken by the Hubble telescope, was no exception.

Then we had an AV by Peter Robinson, our secretary and webmaster. Peter has recently taken his second trip to Morocco and he had stitched together very nicely a host of shots which just burst with colour and life – how boring is a walk down our typical high street compared to the soucks in Marrakech! Peter had done a great job and I found the sound especially well done, where he had mixed Morrocan style music with natural sounds and commentary. Well done Peter.

Finally John Royle brought us back to Earth with a few technical points about changes to the competition rules, and rendition of detail in nature shots. He told me that he would also like to have included an item on cropping and enlargement, but time did not permit.

Good to see Steven Pepper visiting and one poptential new member, Carl. Carl told me that he will be trying hard to get to the next meeting because he is planning a trip round the entire coast of Iceland by motorcycle.


70th Anniversary Exhibition

January 27, 2018 in Crewe PS news

Today (Saturday 27 January) we set up our small exhibition in Crewe Library. It is small scale but we cannot find a venue in the Crewe area to hang 100 framed prints. Small, but beautifully marked, it shows work from everyone currently entering our competitions and more. Do take a look, we hope you enjoy it and if you want to get more involved with photography why not come along to one of our meetings?


Print 3 2018 – Our last print league competition of the season 25 January

January 25, 2018 in Crewe PS news

Garden Display by John Royle. colour section winner

Les Hitchcock ARPS was our judge for the evening and he made a first rate job of it. His approach was lively and supportive – which was particularly brave of him in the circumstances – he had had a fall in the car park and yet had the professional spirit to continue, not just unheeding but with a warm enthusiam..

His assessments were fair and he showed appreciation of s wide range of types of photography. It was particularly refreshing to hear a judge display some knowledge of natural history too.

It all made for s very enjoyable evening and I am sure Les will be paying us a return visit soon.

Good to have a chance to show one of my own images for a change; Garden Display was the winner in the colour (General) section.  The picture had been carefully crafted with a lot of attention to colour and the symmetry and the regularity of the brickwork. I remember toning down the white marks on pot on the left of the bottom row which was attracting the attention at bit too much. Can you spot the “mistake” I had to leave in?

It was a great selection of pictures, displaying the members wide range of interests and high level of skill. The results are here.


Great Success for Crewe PS in Great British Cup

January 22, 2018 in Crewe PS news

Martin’s capture of a moment of poise has won a silver medal in the Great British Cup 2018

Crewe PS has entered the Great British Cup every year since its inception and we have often been rewarded with some good successes, especially in the Nature category. We have just heard that our results in the open section (Small Clubs) this year is our best ever, with not just third place overall but a silver medal for one of our members. The marks are out of 15 and 8 of our images scored 12 or more with Martin’s getting a 14, one of the highest scores in the competition. What is more, one of the judges (Richard Spurdens) selected Martin’s picture for his Judges Silver Medal.

Well done to all those whose work was selected and especially Martin and Wallace Baxter (who gained a 13). For all scores, see our results page.


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