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Meeting 21 September 2017

September 22, 2017 in Crewe PS news

Tonight we had Ray Thorley, a local photographer, to speak to us. Technical difficulties prevented Ray from giving his intended talk about landscape photography and instead Ray spoke very enthusiastically about his degree course in photography – which he embarked on after retirement! He clearly enjoyed it immensely – but I sensed a love of people drove it all. This was a good bridge to introduce the second part, which was a little item about James Ravilious. James’s photographed the people he lived among in north Devon; he charmed them, cared about them and became part of their lives. Their trust and cooperation enabled situations where James could get those photographs which form a portrait of Devon rural life in the late 20th century which will captivate us for ever. Perhaps, in the future, we could spend some more time looking at the approach that James, and others, had to photographing people in their environment.

Meeting 14 September 2017

September 22, 2017 in Crewe PS news

Crewe PS, together with nearly 100 other clubs in the North West, is a member of the Lancashire & Cheshire Photographic Union. They support their clubs in numerous ways, one of which is to organise 4 major competitions each year. A selection of the most successful and representative work is circulated to member clubs each year. This week we looked at the first of these selections of prints. We use it as a chance to learn from them how to present our work. No matter what we photograph most of us want to make sure we present it in the best light.

After the break we had a short presentation by member Stephen Coyne. Stephen is a much travelled photographer and when he offered the title “What I did on my holidays” some of us assumed he would have some new travel venture to talk about. Instead we were treated to a charming little item about how he pursued a project suggested in a magazine. It was a breath of fresh air and something to interest everyone, especially perhaps our newcomers.

Our picture of the week is by Peter Bainbridge and is of a DeHavilland Comet Racer. Peter is expert is an expert at getting this crisp, sharp shots of plans in flight and he even manages, very often, to show the pilot clearly. Peter gave us a talk a while back in which he said something we will always remember. “I like to show (with my photos) how I feel about the subject” – not a bad maxim!

First Meeting of the 2017-18 Season

September 15, 2017 in Crewe PS news

Our fist evening of the new season was a great success with a very high attendance and some new faces too! They heard two talks by members. Paul Hill gave his long-awaited presentation on macro photography, eagerly anticipated because we all know the high the quality of his work. He included a discussion of the image above, which we all greatly enjoyed a while back, and how sad it is that it doesn’t readily fall into any competition category. Too indistinct for “Nature” but too descriptive to be recognised as an artistic creation for the “Open” section.

In the second half of the evening Wallace Baxter took us on a (very calm) North Sea boat trip to watch the remarkable site of Gannets plunging into the waters like white arrows, gulping fish like, well, Gannets!




Chalk It Up! A Success for Crewe

September 8, 2017 in Crewe PS news


Chalk It Up! in Crewe last weekend (26/27 August 2017) provided plenty of photo opportunities and members of Crewe PS were there to get the shots. This spectacular creation by the Mexican artist Adry Del Rocio (I guess a self portrait) took first prize as far as the public vote was concerned. There is an excellent movie of the event HERE. including some superbly managed drone shots!

A number of Crewe PS members were able to send images in to Crewe Town Council, Cheshire East and local newspapers to celebrate the success of this event.

Chalk It Up!

August 26, 2017 in Crewe PS news

Crewe Ps members are helping Cheshire East and Crewe Town Council document some of the events which they have helped to stage in Crewe in recent times and on Saturday 26 August the two-day event Chalk It Up started with the artists getting to work on their creations. Thankfully a warm, dry day was promised as they sketched things out. There were a variety of approaches from the geometrical construction to the impressionistic splash – all looking great. It will take all day and perhaps  more for some of the more detailed works to be finished but by midday there was already plenty to see. In the afternoon a major work will be underway outside the Lyceum which you are all invited to contribute too, while on Sunday youngsters especially are invited to have a go themselves in a pavement artist competition.


Gold Medal at the PAGB Inter-Club PDI Championships 15 July 2017

July 16, 2017 in Crewe PS news

Ian Whiston’s Cheetah with family was the Gold Medal winner in the PDI Nature section of the 2017 Inter-Federation Competition and his award was presented at the PAGB event yesterday. In the picture he is photographed by Terry Donnelly (himself an award winner (in fact THE award winner with “best in Show”) while PAGB President, Gordon Jenkins, in his over-exposed white shirt, finds his place in the script.

It was another great event and marked by being the tenth anniversary of switching to PDIs from slides. Smethwick were the winners (Wigan 10 second) and the “second division” Plate Trophy was won by Dumfries CC.Marking was high (pushed up by the judges being told not to award anything less than 3) which actually made things more exciting!

Explanations: 1) The Inter-Federation competition is an annual competition, organised by the PAGB, between all 15 Federations – the number of entries based on the size of the Federation. How the selection is made is up to each Federation but the L&CPU entry is selected from the Annual Individual Competition images. The prints are exhibited at various venues during the coming year and the PDIs are available on CD.

2) The Inter-Club PDI is also for all Federations, this time two clubs are selected (in the L&CPU case from the Club Annual successes) and they take part as a team. There are two opening rounds, using 8 images each from each club. The top 8 scorers then compete for the CHAMPIONSHIP TROPHY in a further larger round and the rest of the clubs compete for the PLATE TROPHY in a further single round. The top 8 that year are automatically invited to take part the following year so this year the L&CPU had 4 clubs; Wigan 10 and Chorley PS because they were finalist last year and North Cheshire and The Evolve Group as the two selected clubs.



L&CPU Exhibition 2017

July 9, 2017 in Crewe PS news

Ian Whiston receives his gold medal from President Garth Tighe while Comp Sec Bob Robinson prepares the remaining medals.


July 8 2017 brought the opening of the 2017 L&CPU Exhibition and the presentation of awards for successes in the Club Annuals in March and the more recent Annual Individuals’ Competition.

The exhibition includes prints by Wallace Baxter and Kath Hill. My “Connoisseur” is also there, having been used in the 2016 PAGB competition.

It is at Urmston Library and parking is easily available in the adjoining Sainsbury’s car park, which is free for 3 hours. You will get an excellent impression of what does well in regional club competitions these days – and there were many genres represented.

After inspecting the prints we were assembled to see the awards presented and the highlights for us were the Commendation to Stephen Coyne for “That Cigar Moment” and the first place and gold medal to Ian Whiston for best performance in the nature digital section.

Urmston Library, 34 Golden Way, Urmston, Manchester M41 0NA until 29 July. Open Mon – Sat 10am to 5pm Except Tuesday and Friday when it closes at 7pm and Saturday 4pm.

The panel which includes Kath’s eventing picture (bottom, right).

Panel including Wallace’s print (top, right).

L&CPU Individuals Annual Competition

May 21, 2017 in Crewe PS news

Crewe member Ian Whiston has won the PDI Nature section in the L&CPU Annual Competitions which took place last weekend. He has achieved this three times in the last 5 years, tying for first on another occasion. The image of Ian’s seen above gained a silver medal too.He was not our only success in this NW region event; Stephen Coyne gained a Commendation and Wallace Baxter had work selected for the exhibition and the folios which are circulated round all the clubs next season. The results for all our work can be seen here.

The rather clumsy title for the competition stems from the fact that it is intended for the members of the clubs of the L&CPU and they are NOT members, their clubs are (there are about 100 member clubs and those clubs have about 4000 members altogether). This year the entry for prints was down considerably but my own impression (having helped to sort them) was the general standard was higher.

At Crewe we still maintain a high level of participation in our print competitions, which is pleasing because it represents, historically, a paradigm of club photography.

Crewe v Sandbach – 9 March 2017 – Judged by Roger Evans MPAGB FBPE EFIAP

March 10, 2017 in Crewe PS news

The thoughtful still life by Sandbach member Stephen Cooke which won the prints section of the competition.

It is just coincidence that our last two judges have been highly successful SPORTS photographers. It is with some trepidation that we submitted our sports work to the expert gaze but, it fared quite well.

It is the first time we have asked Roger to judge (he has not been on the list for very long) and we were impressed with the surefire way he dealt with the photographs; comments were confident and always made good sense. He was anxious for the members to come and look at a few selected image to see the details he had referred to in them. Altogether a super job and helping greatly in making a successful evening.

Crewe took the lead in both prints and PDIs but Sandbach acquitted themselves extremely well, showing us some interesting work and a nearly 100% turn-out!

The final scores were: PDIs Crewe 262, Sandbach 246. Prints Crewe 267 Sandbach 243. Overall Crewe 529 Sandbach 489. The individual scores are here.


The L&CPU Club Annuals 2017

March 7, 2017 in Crewe PS news

Gordon Jenkins receives one of the many awards won by Chorley PS at the Club Annuals from Russell Lindsey.

The L&CPU Club Annuals took place at Lowton School this year, over the weekend of the 4/5th March. The Judges were the Lindseys (Barbie and Russell) and Bill Hall.

The whole event was very well organised, particularly thanks to Adrian Lines’s computer software (which even reads out the titles) but largely because of the hard work members of the L&CPU Exec and their assistants put into the management of the competitions.

It is a pity that so few of you see this event, you would realise just what we are up against in terms of work from other clubs and how the work is actually marked. I timed the judging over a period and it took on average only 3 seconds for the first judge to register their mark. So there would be no time, for example, to admire the way that Koudelka confidently disposes geometrical shapes in his work  or even to comprehend anything but an image which had absolutely obvious content. The immaculate and the meretricious are the winners here.

Still, I love the people and don’t even mind looking at the work; which only occasionally possesses true wit or emotional power but often display a clever capture or superb technical quality.

We did well; 11th in the PDIs out of over 40 clubs and about 900 images and 10th in the prints out of 29 clubs and 635 prints.

If you look in detail at the marks you will find how fickle the whole business can be. For example, Wallace’s “Splits on the Beam”, bronze medal winner in the Bebington got 10 (though it was here as a print, not a PDI) and Ian’s very successful “Lionesses Sparring” also got 10, the same as my “Parasol” which was there as a space filler (you have to have 5 nature authors and we struggle to achieve that with current work. These marks are out of 15.

So, why do we do it? Well, it keeps us in the frame, keeps us known in the region so judges and speakers are even happier to come to us, it keeps us on our toes if success with club photography means anything to you and it gives me a chance to fraternise with all my mates!

Our individual results are posted in Downloads>Results, the club positions are on the L&CPU website.

The photo features: (L to R) At desk Bob Robinson (Comp Sec, obscuring Adrian Lines (General Sec)), Bill Hall, Barbie Lindsey, Gordon Jenkins (Treasurer LCPU and Chorley PS), Russell Lindsey, Garth Tighe (LCPU President) and Henry Mullarkey (Past President). Ian Alcroft is taking a picture (with an immense armoury of flashguns and an XT1).

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