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Roger Evans FBPE EFIAP DPAGB – Talk Sport – 13 September 2016

October 14, 2016 in Crewe PS news

Roger Evans FBPE EFIAP DPAGB is a very determined man. It shows in the variety of sports he has photographed (everything from synchronised swimming to weight-lifting), the number of events he covers (about one each week) and the way he overcomes any difficulty.

Roger’s talk conveyed that determination very clearly as he took us through his sports photography career, from a “stringer” in the 1980s to his work at the Commonwealth Games.

He quickly learned the need for detailed preparation – and patience (he recounted spending 7 hours at one jump at some recent horse trials).

Tips? Well there was one in every sentence but so too was the evidence of a great knowledge of the sportsmen and women he was photographing. He uses the best equipment; Canon 5DIII, 300mm f2.8, 70-200 f2.8 mainly, but it is the way they are used that really counts and we heard many little details which told you that here was a man who knew exactly what he was doing, left little to chance and thoroughly deserved the remarkable success that he has enjoyed over the years, culminating in his FBPE (700 acceptances, 50 awards from 25 different pictures) in the last few months.

Having just heard Wallace’s talk about photographing gymnastics we had a special empathy with Rogers account of covering the same sport and Wallace was kind enough to provide the vote of thanks at the end.

Roger is a member of Chester PS and well known to our member Ian Whiston. I first had a chance to talk to Roger at Keele last year and he never mentioned sports photography, what he did talk about was how, during his early career in London, he often requested viewing particular works of the past masters of photography from the V&A collection. I like to think that this informed his particular style.

A truly remarkable evening.


PDI 1 2017 – 29 September 2016 – The Winners

October 9, 2016 in Crewe PS news



Sports photography is all about depicting action and we certainly got it with two of the class winners in our first competition of the 2016-17 season. Kath Hill’s Making a Splash, certainly does just that in more ways than one and Martin McGing’s Grass Track Racers also has things flying, in this case the vegetation rather than water. Finally we had the almost inevitable winner of the Nature section – Ian Whiston’s Cheetah and Playful Cub.

The full results and a gallery of all 12 top scoring images can be accessed from the RESULTS page, found under DOWNLOADS above.



Members Evening 9 Oct 2016

October 7, 2016 in Crewe PS news


What a great evening! We had three excellent contributions, the first explains the rather weird looking picture above. It is an anaglyphic 3D image which you view with glasses which have a red filter as the left lens and a cyan filter as the right. I am sure most readers will be familiar with the idea but in Ken Last’s presentation he showed us how easily these images can be created just with one ordinary camera. In trying out the technique before the night I was astonished how easy it was! The biggest secret is a wonderful piece of free software called Stereophotomaker. You simply take a shot. move a little to the right (keeping things reasonably level) and take another, the software will then align, tint and combine the images into one like the sample above. Viewed with red and cyan glasses the results will astonish, the plane nose seems to loom out over you.

We then moved on the some AV presentations by Ralph Browes. We all know that Ralph is a keen walker but his 3 AVs included a surprise; the British Grand Prix! Alpine views and, nearer home, the Pennines, were the main subjects and how those European shots with colorful wildlife and sky-scraping, jagged white peaks made you really want to be there!

Finally Wallace told us about his experiences photographing gymnastics. Gymnastics is not something that Wallace particularly follows but he thought it would make an interesting subject to photograph. The story of gaining permission to shoot at a major event was really surprising – they were so accommodating! They did, however, have very strict rules about where he could and could not go in the arena – but the rules seemed to me to be perfectly reasonable and Wallace got some good shots. Like all subjects you have a lot top learn at first but the event ran over several days so he was able to plan better as time went on.

Thanks very much you three for a very interesting and entertaining evening.

The “Five Towns” Monochrome Print Competition 2016 & PDI 1 2017 – 29 & 30 Sept

October 3, 2016 in Crewe PS news

Congratulations to Mid-Cheshire in winning the Five Towns this year, their first entry too! We see plenty of good mono work from the two members of CPS who are also members of MCCC but I know from judging at MCCC  that they have quite a few more workers  producing interesting and finely crafted mono work too, so MCCC were always going to acquit themselves well in the competition.

I hear that the judge, Tillman Kleinhans, provided an enjoyable evening. It is always the case with Tillman, he has the knack of carrying you along with him as he looks at and assesses a picture, you take a journey with him through the collection. It never feels repetitive and, even when you don’t quite agree with his mark you can fully appreciate why he gives it. In that regard, he has a novel way of saying that personal opinion always comes into the task; “Other opinions are available” (though not on that night(JR)).

Thank you to Sandbach for hosting the event this year and being able to engage an excellent judge.

MCCC – 200, Alsager CC – 197, Nantwich CC – 196 & Crewe PS – 196, Sandbach PS – 169. The full results should be available soon.

The night before we had our own first league PDI competition – PDI 1 2017. Ian Stewart DPAGB ARPS presided and he picked some worthy winners, as you can see from the GALLERY. The winning colour section entry is also our Photo of the Week on the front page, Martin McGing’s Grass Track Racers.

22 September : Martin Berry LRPS – The Warrington PS Lantern Slide Archive

September 23, 2016 in Crewe PS news, Information

screenshot-2016-09-23-09-48-17Martin gave us a light-hearted presentation made all the more engaging by his genuine enthusiasm for preserving and enhancing this valuable collection, dating back to 1886.

It was interesting to see how subjects for club photography had not changed a lot given the restrictions of the old technology, though the sheer quality of these large format pictures was very impressive.

Martin has made great efforts to discover the exact location of the street scenes and get them re-photographed so that we could see the changes.

For me, though, it was the people depicted who were the most interesting. Turn of the 20th century club groups looked like country house shooting parties, with tweeds and spats, chauffeurs hovering in the background, whilst the most moving (and surely of great significance and value) were the photos taken in the slums with a “transportable camera”. How fiercely the conditions those poor wretches lived in contrasted with those of our privileged photographers!

Thank you Martin for a very thought provoking evening.

Member Focus : Ken Last

September 17, 2016 in Crewe PS news, Information


Ken Last can be relied on the get the shots of local events, and our event of last week was surely the Tour of Britain Stage 3 which came through Crewe on Tuesday 6 September. Ken managed to capture one of the stars, Sir Bradley Wiggins and  got the shot into the local papers like a shot too! Ken also loves to create his images on the computer as well as get in camera shots like this and his montages are always a feature of our competitions. With his fascination for camera equipment old and new too, Ken keeps himself very busy with all aspects of photography.

Member Focus – Tom Seaton

September 11, 2016 in Crewe PS news, Information


We always eagerly anticipate Tom Seaton’s entries into our competitions, his work is always among the most memorable of the year. He is able to make those resonant images from the most unpromising subjects; a few people on a beach, a disused lido, a window, a door, even a chink of light though a gap in the curtains. Impressive images abound these days and they seem to flick before our eyes, just briefly holding attention. Tom’s pictures are memorable, repay closer study and thought precisely because they don’t just show us what something looks like, they intrigue because they show us something in a different way, often with beautiful lines and tones which delight the eye.

British Portraits by Niall McDiarmid at Oriel Colwyn

September 10, 2016 in Crewe PS news, Information

Niall has a growing reputation now and it is in no small part due to this project which started as little more than an afternoon’s entertainment and has now gained international recognition. He simply went out with a vague idea of taking portraits of people he met on his walk one Sunday afternoon. Quite quickly it developed into tripping round the country taking portraits of people he met, people who interested him because of their dress and/or personality, a record of the British people in the second decade of the 21st century. That would be interesting enough but Niall’s wonderful sense of colour harmony, his special style, make these photographs totally captivating and far, far more than a mere record.

Niall has used a medium format film camera. Use of film contributes to the beautifully detailed yet smooth appearance of these pictures; there is no unpleasant “edginess” to the image rendition, There is also a uniform “look” too, which gives a group feel. The medium format contributes  in giving a more limited depth of field, blurring the background and helping to subdue it, so it is a scene setter, a backdrop, and not a distraction.

I hope you can manage to get to the exhibition. We are told it will be touring, but when and where is not known and it may never be nearer than Colwyn. The gallery is upstairs at the Theatre in Abegele Road and though it says it is open every day it is a good idea to ring to check because the gallery sometimes runs courses and is closed for viewing. Cambrian Photography, a real camera shop, is just down the road and you can eat at Isaac Simeon’s very cheaply!

You can read a bit more about Niall and this project HERE and on Niall’s Website.On until 14 October 2016

Oriel Colwyn, Upstairs at Theatr Colwyn, Abergele Road, Colwyn Bay, North Wales. LL29 7RU Tel: 01492 577888 Gallery website.

Niall Oriel Sept 2016web


Inside The Outside

August 9, 2016 in Crewe PS news

Inside the Outside is a new collective formed by four photographer/artists whose work reflects their view that being in the landscape (and representing it) is to simultaneously inhabit two worlds; the one before them and the one inside them. The four have already produced a lot of deeply interesting work and working as a collective they will be in a better position to bring that work to wider attention. They will also invite other like-minded artists to join them in various events and the first is an exhibition in Nottingham which starts in October.

The photographers are Al Brydon, Joseph Wright, Rob Hudson and Stephen Segasby. The exhibition will also feature the work of John Blakemore and Valda Bailey among others.

You can find out more by visiting their new website.

The exhibition runs from 14th October to 13th November at the Photo Parlour, Unit 8 Karlsruhe House, 18, Queensbridge Road, NOTTINGHAM, NG2 1NB


July 24, 2016 in Crewe PS news

P1-2016_N_A-Dolomitian-Sunflower_Ralph-BrowesLast weeks picture of the week was Ralph Browes’s Dolomitian Sunflower, which was submitted last year as a print.  Ralph is a keen walker and took this shot on one of his expeditions. The alpine location is clear from the background but sunflowers cannot fail to be anything but bold and brassy and it thrusts itself across the misty scene in full glory. Ralph, like all walker/photographers, doesn’t want to carry heavy kit and, like many, has switched to Fujifilm cameras but many small, light cameras (including your mobile of course) are capable of giving us some pleasing results these days – a sharp contrast to the abysmal prints many high street processors palmed us off with in the pre-digital days. Of course, what and how you use the camera is what it is really about.

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