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Thursday’s Robert Shaw Trophy meeting at Holmes Chapel

October 5, 2015 in Uncategorized

Just a reminder that there is no meeting in Crewe this Thursday. Instead we’ll be competing in the Robertshaw PDI Inter-Club Competition at Holmes Chapel. – The venue is:- The Victoria Club, Victoria Avenue, Holmes Chapel, CW4 7BE and it starts at 7.45pm.

To find Victoria Avenue enter Holmes Chapel on London Road (A50) from the direction of Crewe and it’s on the left just before the traffic lights. It’s opposite the Jubilee Garage, by the 30 mph speed limit sign. Limited parking is available at the hall, behind the tennis courts, so car sharing would be advantageous. Alternatively there is plenty of space in the centre of Holmes Chapel, which is about 10 minutes walk.

We hope to see you there.

Thursday Night’s talk by Robert Millin

October 2, 2015 in Uncategorized

On Thursday night’s meeting we were treated to an excellent talk by Wigan 10 photographer Robert Millin. We quickly discovered that he is an accompliced sport, nature, street and travel photographer. He gave us a fascinating précis of his short photographic career from his first photgraphs to his current work. Robert wasn’t afraid to show samples of the shots that went wrong, then explained how he learned from the experience. Although Robert’s only been taking photographs for a few years he’s acquired thousands of acceptances in exhibitions and competitions all over the world.
To see more of his work please follow this link to his website:

October’s Monthly theme is ‘Neighbours’

September 30, 2015 in Monthly Theme, Uncategorized

The theme for October 2015 is Neighbours
The theme of neighbours is open to your own interpretation . Not just the obvious neighbours in your street or the soap opra you may watch!

Use your imagination to seek out how neighbouring objects interact with each other and show us how you understand their connection.

Good shooting.

5 Towns Monochrome Print Competition 2015

September 29, 2015 in Uncategorized

Here’s quick summary of the ‘5 Towns Monochrome Print Competition’ which was held Whitchurch.
We were treated to a feast of some excellent photography from all clubs. Our submission was a strong and varied one from a cross section of members who enjoy producing fine monochrome images.
Only 5 points separated the first 3 positions with Nantwich taking the cup. So congratulations to them.
The overall results were:
1st. Nantwich with 215 points,
2nd. Alsager with 213 points,
3rd Crewe with 210 points,
4th. Whitchurch with 181 points and
5th. came Sandbach with 180 points

Our top scorers were Bob Brown, our Photographer of the Year, scored 20 points for ‘Let’s Dance and ‘Time Travelling Tourists’,
John Royle scored 19 for ‘Carre d’ Art’,
Meg Cumming scored 19 for ‘A Nice cup of Rosie Lee’,
Dolores Williams scored 18 for ‘Kin’ and ‘Portrait Artist’,
Wallace Baxter scored 18 for ‘Mature Rider’

Well done to them all.

Great British Trophy – for PRINTS

September 20, 2015 in Uncategorized

The PAGB have just sent through this advertisement for the new small prints trophy.

I’ve added a note about the entry date we require. It will need a different label set to the ones we normally use and also the prints need delivering and so we are asking £1 towards the cost of this from each entrant (barely a token!).


August’s Monthly Theme is ‘Shadows’

August 1, 2015 in Monthly Theme, Uncategorized

The theme for August 2015 is ‘Shadows’

August”s monthly theme is a bit more challenging. However, it gives you the opportunity to think of the different ways shadows can be used in your photographs. You can use them to lead in to the main subject or take them on their own or show how they relate to the rest of the image. Can you think of a different kind of shadow other than the obvious one?

Remember – only post photos taken this month, between 1 August and 31st. August 2015

Crewe PS and Local History

July 21, 2015 in Uncategorized


For several years now Crewe PS has been present at the committee meetings of Crewe & District Local History Society, an umbrella organisation which co-ordinates the activities of the local family history, Crewe history and railway history societies. We have helped them with a number of projects, some featured in the composite above. On Sunday 12 July week we had a small display in the Heritage tent at Crewe Fest. As we talked to visitors we were struck by the concern that people were expressing about the loss of some of the town’s finer buildings to development and by the young lady who came along who, quite independently, has set herself the task of making documentary photographs of Crewe. We may or may not have gained some new members but we finished the day a little bit taller!

All photographic societies should realise that they are often recording history and local history societies and local authorities too would be delighted to use their pictures.

Run or Dye Event

July 13, 2015 in Uncategorized

One of the advantages of being a member of Crewe Photographic Society is that members share useful information and events. So when Ken mentioned that there was a ‘Run or Dye’ event coming up at Chomondeley Castle, I added it to the Forum’s ‘Event’s thread so everyone would see it.
I soon discovered that it was a 5K fun run where the competitors were showered in coloured powder from all angles. I wasn’t sure if it was a good idea at first as I didn’t want any powder getting in my camera. In the end I decided to risk it and keep my distance.
Perhaps because it was on a Saturday morning only Meg and I from the club braved the powder. Indeed there were relatively few spectators. The competitors were given a kit of bags of powder, war paint and a tee-shirt so they could prepare for battle. The race was started in three staggered starts which gave us more photo opportunities. It quickly became obvious how risky it could be as we were lost in a dense fog of green powder. It got everywhere and we were constantly cleaning our cameras. Fortunately they still worked OK and we managed to get some decent shots. It was quite a bright morning so we didn’t have a problem freezing the action. I just left my camera set to aperture priority f6.7 and it seemed quite happy.
When the racers finished they were ushered to a stage where they were drowned in more powder. More risky photo opportunities of crazy folks having a great time.

Crewe PS and Local History

July 5, 2015 in Uncategorized


Photography has been an important way of recording history for nearly 200 years. Our MP, Edwards Timpson, reminded us that we were recording history when he viewed an exhibition of ours and it was no surprise to soon find ourselves helping the local history societies. We join their Crewe & District Local History Association committee meetings and help with anything we can; archiving old prints and slides, picturing buildings before demolition and recording items of all kinds.

This week’s picture of the week was one of many taken by members to generally picture Crewe at the present time – any idea where it is?

Answer: Decoration on the Municipal Building façade. Pevsner thought the decorations were out of scale with the building. What do you think?

The Monthly Theme for June is ‘Transport’

May 31, 2015 in Monthly Theme, Uncategorized

The theme for June 2015 is


Post your images as replies to this post. (Make sure you’ve read the Guidelines first.)

We’re all surrounded by transport of many different types. From a small bike to an articulated lorry so there’s plenty of choice. Your mission is to record a form of transport as your ceative juices fancy. Show its speed or lack of it, or how it relates to its payload and environment..

Don’t forget if you would like to suggest a topic for the ‘Monthly Theme’ please email it to me.

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