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    Have posted 3 versions of the same image on the Group Flickr site. With regard to the recent discussion between  Ian and John this is perhaps relevant, it is probably what a judge would want to see, an image without distractions but it looses the context in which it was taken, in front of a board in the street.


    Ian McNab

    I think that’s right, Wallace: it now resembles a painting of a juggler. And that’s OK if it’s what you want to do (though I guess the question might then reasonably be, “If you wanted it to look like a painting, how come you didn’t paint it in oils?” 😉 )

    On the other hand, if you wanted to convey the energy and complexity of the event, you could have used a wide-angle lens to include the content you wanted in the picture, and let the form (the design of the picture) look after itself. (This is the way Tony Ray-Jones, David Hurn, Robert Frank, Garry Winogrand, etc, approached making pictures with a camera, and showed life in all its chaos and complexity.) Of course, don’t then expect a club judge to give you a 20 – as you say, the judge will expect your picture to be designed like a painting!



    This is really the crux of our club photography it’s what the judging person wants to see. Or what we think they wants to see, so uncluttered with no distractions. Where as it is not in context, as you say it would have needed a short lens with the subject giving his performance.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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