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    The L&CPU caused alarm and consternation by suddenly announcing that they wanted entries in the Club Annuals PDI section to be 1600 x 1200.

    I protested that this was premature; “1600s” not being required for the PAGB this year in the Inter-Federation competitions (the PAGB change to 1600 in July, the comps are in June). I suppose that the L&CPU were looking to build a stock of 1600s to choose from for that competition.

    Entries at 1400 would be accepted, but clearly will project about 25% smaller – a considerable disadvantage.

    I guess they had other clubs protesting too because this morning I had a note from their competition secretary to say that say that, at the Exec Meeting yesterday (7 Jan) they decided to project all entries “at the same size”. Through previous conversation with him I take this to mean “at 1400”.

    We will now be able to take part.

    Incidentally, how many of you will be able to see a 1600 properly? To do so your screen will have to encompass 1600 x 1200. Many laptops and monitors are 1920 x 1080 (“full HD”), not big enough I am afraid. When you start making 1600s, if your screen is smaller than 1600 x 1200 you MUST view the image at full size at some point – you will not see all of it but you will see it as it will be projected and be able to see any flaws more easily.

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