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    This an example   of a 3D image   in “parallel”–a much better  option than the coloured specs.   3D images in “PARALLEL”  can be veiwed   with  special 3d viewer which merges the left and right image into one 3d image.  The experts learn   how to  merge without a viewer (  which I cannot get!!) just by staring at the image.The experts though prefer    what they call “cross view”   here the two images  are crossed over  left to right and vice verser–then they learn how to “cross their eyes”  and merge by staring at the image–and most favour cross   view.  See if you can merge these left/right image into one 3d image by staring at it, Better explained on web. For static images like this you do not need a 3d camera.    With DSLR   take left image   move to right and take second image.   A free download  SPM   —STEREOPHOTOMAKER–AND YOU CAN EASILY    MERGE   or create parallels  and many more things. Best first try analogue   and use coloured specs.. Its fun  and you can view on 3D   PC  Monitor which is amazing  or 3d   TV.  This image has pixalated   on downloading  and will find another pair.



    DON”T  know why they are pixelating on downloading  –but you should get the idea, –try this   —-open the parallel image–hold your finger tip mid-way between you eyes and   image on screen.   Stare and hold  the stare at the tip of your finger  till the brain merges–takes a bit of learning but it comes–.move finger tip at various distances  to suit   till they merge.


    Ian McNab

    Ah, yes! I can do that! The cross is behind the white ‘tower’. Great stuff, Ken!

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