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    I have put this here so as not to over ride Ians subject of more interest in Photography. This I see is a good example how club photography fails to bring action and movement into its photographing of people. Not only action but a story of intrigue -but look also at the lighting and composition.Our photo”s of people are just static.  Cheeky little picture.


    Ian McNab

    The Wikipedia article on this painting (Nymphs and Satyr) says of its painter’s methods, “Bouguereau’s working methods were traditional; he made a number of sketches and drawings of carefully posed human figures in complicated interconnected poses, linking them together in this wonderfully rhythmical composition”. Photographer’s can’t do that kind of careful construction (though perhaps a montagist might emulate Bouguereau’s method, and assemble multiple pairs and triplets of posed models with computer software).

    Also, if you look carefully, the light in Bouguereau’s painting is naturally impossible, as it’s coming from several different directions, such as would require a photographer to use studio lights and modifiers. (Painters are allowed such licence, and have been inventing multiple outdoor light sources for centuries. Crewdson and other photographers do this sort of thing outdoors in the manner of movie makers by employing lighting crews to build gantries and towers to hold the massive lights needed.)

    Here’s a member of Crewdson’s lighting team rigging some lights in the forest for Crewdson’s latest body of work, “Cathedral of the Pines”:

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