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    Since resigning from Twitter, following their move to turn their users into a commodity I have been looking more at Flickr from time to time.

    I have found a few gems.

    Arriving in my in-tray the other day was this beautiful offering from Ana Francesca. Her work is remarkable and has a great power to stir the imagination and grip you emotionally.

    A selection is here, but she does not upload many pictures (I wish to heaven others followed her example!)

    Ana Francesca

    and another (this reminds me of one by Koudelka)

    (I cannot upload the second picture because the uploader will not clear the last image – I will try a new edit)

    That worked!

    Hope you enjoy these two.






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    Pleased you have found her John, fascinating¬† and refreshing photography. Have you seen her photo of a black horse passing a window in a snow scene –little bit of a bicycle in the corner.???



    Yes, there are so many which I could have selected as examples of the magical qualities of her work.


    Pete Robinson

    I agree. She’s taken some fascinating photographs which are refreshing to view.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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