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    Here is one that I am quite pleased with…

    I was attracted by the light from the window, the chandelier and the textures and colour. I let the other elements just peek into the corners and kept the chandelier central to draw some attention to them.

    It was taken with my Fuji 100S and the fact that I could rank up the ISO setting (ISO 2000) without noise destroying things was an important factor, because it was hand-held.

    I have never been too interested in straight “record shots”; making sure every element is geometrically perfect and stuff doesn’t appeal but I like to make selective shots like this.

    I have printed this already and in doing so I did highlight the chandelier a little more.



    Beautiful-quite agree-let the photo speak for itself.


    meg cumming

    No wonder you’ve printed this one out already John. Lighting the main objects is important and leaving the viewer to quietly read the rest of the photograph as it should be. Next year is going to be interesting!



    MEG   –Next year is going to be impossible for the rest of us–great to see such beautiful photo”s.



    Thanks folks, and you’ve put that very well Meg.

    Believe me we are lucky at Crewe in having so many people who are able to be successful in our competitions, so we are not dominated by one person’s work or a particular genre.



    Ian McNab

    Great job with the tricky exposure, John. But the colour and the light and shade make this shot, don’t they? The warmth of the colour is ravishing, even at the small size here.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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