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    Ian McNab

    Here are examples of the best in arranged and unarranged photographs where the feeling and emotional charge are absolutely central to the purpose of the work.

    First, an article, with a picture gallery, about Gregory Crewedson. Here’s a picture from the gallery:





    And then ‘unarranged’ – from an article and gallery about the internationally acclaimed series “The Solitude Of Ravens’ by Japanese photographer Masahisa Fukase, in the desolation of mourning after the death of his beloved wife.

    Again, here’s a picture from the gallery, though a single picture does not convey the overwhelming emotional power of the series as a whole:






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    You have to assume that every detail in Crewdson’s sets has meaning, since they are meticulously planned – more like a painting can be. They always resemble a movie set and invite you to invent a narrative – like looking at a still from a movie which you don’t know anything about.

    Fukase’s work is dedicated, obsessed if you like, with a connection between all we think and feel about a particular animal and a particular human emotion. The photographs he uses he selects from many of chance happenings. As a result (and especially as this is a series) those links are intensified and we share the obsession.

    (Now you’ve abandoned Twitter, Ian, perhaps we will see more items like this on the Forum. I had begun to highlight Forum items on the front page in the hope of generating more interest.)

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    Such a lovely photograph the first one. Almost void of colour and full of emotion. 

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