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    Kath Hill

    Thanks for setting this topic Peter as I love photographing flowers but rarely do much with them. The 3 images attached were taken at Bodnant Garden a few years ago in spring. We went to photograph the Laburnum Arch which was blooming beautifully but I didn’t get a shot I was happy with. I now realise that I didn’t get the depth of field right. While wandering around the gardens I was drawn to the shadows from a big old tree and while trying to compose a shot, an elderly lady strolled into view and for me this made the shot. It was rather wishy washy so I’ve had a play in Curves but think it might be a bit contrasty and a bit pink. The water on the rose is natural as we had a shower of rain and I like the tulips because they seem to mimic the elegant bench – or is it the other way around? Apologies for not getting these in sooner!

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    All so lovely Kath, well if a little late–well worth waiting for–a lovely collection bringing this months subject almost to a close.



    Thanks Kath. Yes, as I have said elsewhere – garden flowers just do not fit into club photography. They cannot be entered as nature and in the “open” category they are often overlooked as easy subjects or dismissed ( paradoxically and incorrectly) as “nature”.



    I was particularly taken up by the flowers on the wall while looking in on Chalk down by the theatre. The flowers really caught my attention , so thought I would snatch a shot–well you  would  would”t you.  WOT!!!

Viewing 4 posts - 46 through 49 (of 49 total)

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