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    Pete Robinson

    The theme for July is now closed.

    The theme for August 2016 is

    Shutter Speed for effect

    Unfortunately Ron Smith is too poorly to give us a monthly theme this month so I’ve come up with ‘Shutter speed for effect’. The idea is for members to experiment using different shutter speeds and see how creative they can be. So there’s no definite subject matter you’re in control to produce the effect you want.

    There’s no restriction on when the photograph was taken so search though your archives show us what you can produce.

    If anyone wants to see Ian’s document on uploading images to a post, please follow this link:-

    Ian’s document on uploading images

    If you have an image on Flickr you can link it to your theme’s post by following John’s document at:

    John’s Flickr to Forum document

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    • This topic was modified 2 years, 6 months ago by  Pete Robinson.


    Sorry to hear about Ron. People might want to ring, what’s your advice Peter?



    I have an unusual started for this one. Some cameras have a built in neutral density filter for use when you have bright conditions yet want to use a big aperture to achieve a small depth of field. The Fujifilm XT1 and other Fuji cameras have an alternative – an electronic shutter which goes down to 1/32000 second.

    The picture below was taken using the electronic shutter because it was a bright day and I wanted to isolate a few grass flowers on one plant by using the maximum aperture of the lens, which happened to be f1.4. I turned down the ISO to 200 which is the slowest you can get on the normal scale and the shutter speed on this particular shot was 1/32000s – the minimum the shutter can produce.

    By the way, I am avoiding using here, or on Flickr, anything which I am expecting to use in competitions this year, so this is not the shot I was most pleased with.


    Pete Robinson

    I find this a simple, but powerful image. The blurred grass in the background give it a 3D effect. The problem with doing out door nature shots like this that there is often a breeze which quick blows your subject out of the focus plane. the very high shutter speed would have helped to prevent this.


    Pete Robinson

    The exposure for this photo was 1/1000 @ f6.3. This has frozen the horse in a position with all its feet off the ground that would be very difficult to see with the naked eye

    flying horse

    At the other extreme the photo below is a combination of a slow shutter speed and twisting the camera during the exposure:

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    Pete Robinson

    The panned photo below was taken with a shutter speed of 1/125. The car was traveling very quickly and was quite close to the camera. So the only part of it that it reasonably sharp is the plane that was in time with my panning action. The rest of the car and the rest of the photo is all blurred. Some people like this effect and some don’t. Personally, I like the effect of speed it gives if the front or middle of the car is sharp. What do you think?


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