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    I’ve already discovered how to use Dropbox as a picture store.

    Thanks Mervin for pointing that out. Sometimes you just need to be told by an expert that it is possible and you can go ahead and just do it!

    One thing about using Dropbox though, remember that if the original post is deleted then it will no longer be visible on the Forum. using Dropbox I don’t treat anything on there as permanent,  I use it for sending judges the CPS entries, eBooks I want to read on holiday, recent pictures to show people etc etc. I could easily  clear the lot in one go, so the  Forum images could get lost.



    I’ve posted something under ‘How to insert images in posts‘ that Ian started, just in case anybody would like to use Dropbox.

    Valid last point John, which applies to all cloud storage sites, if you delete the original image the link will be broken and the forum post will be image-less. Having said that, the same will happen if you delete the original image from the gallery section of the CPS site.




    Thanks for that Mervin.  One thing about posting on the site is that the images are  safer from accidental deletion. There is a limit to any person’s storage but it will take a time to reach it.



    Brilliant Mervin! Thanks for that, it’s very helpful. I have a dropbox but only use it for club stuff.  I have never looked into how to make better use of it.  Posting images on here is a little complicated compared to something like Facebook or flickr.  Meg and I used to use imageshack bulk uploader which just sat on the desktop, but it is no longer a free service so I have been trying out

    It works ok.  I find it best to resize the image first in windows gallery before uploading and then you just grab the direct link on the rhs.  You can auto resize on the site but I can’t seem to set that to happen automatically yet.

    I have tried the CPS gallery method and can’t remember why I didn’t stick with it.  Probably I was already happy with what I was using.


    Pete Robinson

    I’m playing catch up once again. Lots of good pictures posted by everyone. For what is worth here’s my thoughts on some of them:-
    Ian’s Holycross has clearly shows cthe rich texture and sharp detail of the carved cross. I probably would live got a bit closer if that was possible to illimiate the post on the far right. I’m just nip picking there really. but I think a more dramatic sky would have made it even more interesting.
    Like wise Ian’s ‘3 spaces’ has fine detail good detail. Personally, in shots like this I prefer the subject to be place on the right third rather than the left, but that’s just me. I like the way you’ve used differental focus to blur the background which focuses attenion on the woodwork. How does it look in black and white?
    I think Mervin’s ‘Dangerous spaces has been well spotted. I wouldn’t have seen a photo in that but Merin’s taken a gooden. Like Ian says the 3 objects are well spaced apart in a diagonal composition. It works well for me but it would have liked to have a bit more of a lead in in the forground. What do you think?
    Iike Ian’s ‘Wobbly space. It makes me dizzy. Again good use of selective focusing for me and I like the way the fence blurs into the background. I remember reading some where that curves are more interesting than straight lines and this photo illustrates that.
    I agree withthe comments about Dolores’ ‘Sardines’ A focal point of a couple or someone central would have capped it. I like the depth and it’s a great idea. You have to use a high ISO for these in amnient light or you wn’t get a picture. The price is a grainy of high ISO is grain, but at least you get a picture.
    I like the timing in D’s ‘Mind the gap. I think the guy in the middle is well framed by the door frame and then by the individuals. He also stands in a triangular composition which leads to his face. It works well for me. I prefer the B&W versions.
    I like Ken’s beautiful foral tunnel. Nicely balanced and a good lead in. For me it just needs something at the end on the tunnel to complete it.

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