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    meg cumming

    It might be an idea to do it Dee,but you have to make up your mind whether doing that attracts to that point rather than diminishing it. Tricky call but knowing you, you’ll do a few to get the best out of it. It really is a good subject and should do well in competitions.



    It is a good photo  and very military in style–would be a shame to diminish the total feel of the picture by creating blur. I think it would be better to remove the soldier behind the lead bike. Leave all the rest intact–very good picture–nothing in there that should not be. Would suggest as an idea–cut out lead biker–and re paste in so you can then stretch him bigger to cover your man behind–see how it looks.



    I will have to check back to the original and see if I can give him some more room to do the cut out option Ken as I don’t want him too big in the frame.  Thanks for the advice you two! 🙂




    A final burst of a few images for this months theme.

    Hot to Trot! (this is a woman by the way!)

    Horse Boarding!

    Reckless driving.


    Ian McNab

    Great set, Dee. The way that the horses and men are leaning into the corner in the last one is really dynamic.



    Thanks Ian.  It was at the Cheshire Game and Country Fair at Tabley.  It didn’t rain this year in fact the sun was really strong which was a problem.  We just can’t win!

Viewing 6 posts - 31 through 36 (of 36 total)

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