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    £8    an entry—phew—thats 25% increase-and that will be the going rate for all these competitions. Why 25% increase when in all walks any increase is pinned to 2—-3–%.  Also considering  that out of thousands of entries only a handful are selected–nothing to do with  photo quality–but more to choose a balanced  250 or so for  a final  panel . Excellent images are rejected  if in an over subscribed type.    Remember a few years ago a lecturer from midlands  with his awful wierd photos of people with studs and chains in faces and worse. His submissions world wide were always selected   because  however horrible   –they were different from  the rest. Its going to be interesting to see if enties drop. And–in judging-your images are only viewed for about three seconds.Thats not good value for £8.


    Pete Robinson

    It does sound a bit expensive especially if your picture may not be in the exhibition.


    meg cumming

    Yes the steep entry price may put a lot of potential entrants off. Especailly if your image gets only a very quick look as Kens says. Though I know for the RA summer shows and London exhibitions this same set up applies and they are quite brutal.

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