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    As this is my first submission please add your comments but gentle ones only please.

    Location: Faro old town, Portugal




    Location: Faro old town, Portugal


    meg cumming

    Dennis so good to see you have posted something online well done. Its nerve wracking but you will get constructive comments.First to get it to a larger format I’ve been told by some members to load images via the forums gallery, then load it on to the site following intstructions, think its in the resources section. Other members will take you through this better than me, talk  Ian the webmaster or any of the others who post on line. Oh my gosh thats as clear as mud but hope it helps.

    Your image is a great shot. The cool tones of the tunnel works well with the high sunlight outside.The duel arches helps draw your eye to the subject.You have the beggar placed nicely,though almost hidden. This might cause a bit of confusion as the main subject matter is not obvious. He might appear lost or overwhelmed by his surroundings. Personally I would have tried to get a little closer without losing the shadow of the arch. I don’t know if you could have gotten a lower/closer view point? But nice image.



    Hi Meg

    Thanks for the comments, actually the beggar is a woman and we spotted her two years earlier in the same spot, hope shes OK.

    I thought it might provoke questions about the beggars location but you spotted her.



    Getting close to the wall on the left and being under the archway has given a dynamic lead-in and a natural frame, both of which are very effective. However, there is a big difference in light levels under the archway and outside. The camera has adjusted the exposure for the level under the archway and so the street is over-exposed.

    You may be able to recover some of this and darken the outside, especially if the image was taken in RAW mode.

    I would change the title as your “beggar” is not big in the frame and not an obvious subject.

    Hope that helps.


    Ian McNab

    Dennis >>> There’s a guide to embedding images in forum posts here (click for pdf).  Ring me if you need more advice.  :: Ian





    Very good photo/ like it/ beggar is ok and should be obvious . Pity about the scooter /worth removing. Would stand a little crop off right side and base and bit more off left wall. This should bring beggar your key figure closer.Make sure to retain all that beautiful arhway highlight/shadow. Very nice photo indeed. ken


    Peter Robinson

    This picture has great depth and like the others I like the lead in and tunnel effect. I love the lighting in the tunnel.  In such contrasty conditions it always going to be difficult to get both the highlights and shadows well exposed. A perfect candidate for HDR?  Like Meg says the beggar is a bit hidden so I would be tempted to change the title.

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