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    YES WELL DONE PETER.  So good to see Peter win  with a superb classic photo–well deserved as Peter is always there to help others.



    I heartily agree with the comments about Peter’s work. He always has produced imaginative shots  year on year. One of the best this year has been the mono shot called Spry Bow which I was sure would have done very well -it didn’t and Iwonder whether this is another case  of judges not understanding the title or whether it is just too good for them!

    Now, to get back to the picture…I prefer the mono shot because it is less tightly cropped and has the extra drama.  The horizon wants straightening but I hope we see this in the KO


    Pete Robinson

    Thanks very much for the over generous comments. Our club has many members who produce excellent work and are willing to help others.

    Like John, I prefer the black and white version. Unfortunately the topaz effect introduced some halos around the lamp posts so I’ve had to do some work to fix it. I’ve straightened the horizon as John advised and will enter it into the PDI know out. Many thanks for the advice folks.


    Ian McNab

    Yes, the more spacious crop of the BW version is better; but I still think the coloured version accents the important elements in a way that gives them better separation from the backgound.

    Any chance of seeing the more spacious crop applied to the coloured image?


    Pete Robinson

    Thanks for your interest. Here’s both of the latest versions. In the B&W one I’ve added a slight gradient to darken the sky and have also darkened the foreground a bit.

Viewing 5 posts - 16 through 20 (of 20 total)

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