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    meg cumming

    Reading in today’s “I” paper arts section there’s a very good double page spread on Bob Willoughby, photographer to the stars. This is a precusror to an exhibiton “Bob Willoughby,Beetles + Huxley” to be held in London between 16th Sept and 4th Oct.This Californian photographer’s work is discribed as natural and candid as close as you can get when working with show biz royalty from the likes of Heburn to Sinatra.

    Looks an interesting exhibition to see. Details



    Quite right Meg, should be first class-as you say photographed all the top stars. Died about ten years ago. He invented the first remote controlled camera way back in the early sixties I recall.We read about this. and I had our hospital engineer trying (the operative work) to make me one. Bernard Jones RIP–was the group pharmacist and the worlds expert on growing and showing Sweet Peas,he asked me to photograph the entire sequence from sowing in pots late autumn-through the winter and up to showing at the Daily Mail sweet pea awards early June for the book he was writing. So to help I could see a remote device would help but it never worked. Bernard Jones garden bordered the hospital grounds .so for twelve months kept popping out taking photo”s of sweet peas growing. The book is still rated highly in the fraternity –still with my photo”s and my credit–and still got my copy.Yes Bob Willoughby–very good. Well seen Meg.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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