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    Pete I always aprieciate your comments, becuase without you and D and our sojourns outside I wouldn’t have progressed the way I have. Also if the critcisim is positive and has a point then how can I be upset or not talk to you. You can put five, fifity or five hundred people in front of an image and they will all see it differntly. This is what an image should do make you ask questions, think, not be afraid to say what you find unsettling about it or what you like about.

    Thats what I like about, this forum and phototalk forum,or flickr, chances are answers and findings will be varied. Bring it on I say. I think you’d enjoy the Studio lighting for Portraits. Will check when the next one actually runs for those who may be be interested. Only problem is, if your shy and don’t like your photo being taken have a care because you may be needed to be a model. But clothes are strictly kept on in this class. Just checked and the next class is actually the 29th of this month. Thats 29th/Oct/12, for five weeks. Cost £35.00. So it’ll finish before Christmas.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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