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    I had a visit to a butterfly farm recently for my birthday.  I think most would imagine it to be like shooting fish in a barrel to get a good shot.  Personally the horrible light, humidity and busy backgrounds made it a bit of a nightmare despite having the use of Pete’s lovely 100mm macro lens.  I think I should probably have practiced a bit before going.

    Haven’t sorted them all yet due to flu but here are a couple.  I can’t see any of them making it into a competition.

    Zebra Mosaic.


    Ian McNab

    Don’t dismiss ’em too quick, Dee – they’re lovely shots. Try rotating the zebra mosaic 90 degrees clockwise.(And perhaps then flipping it 180 degrees horizontal? See what you think.)


    meg cumming

    So glad you didn’t delete these Dolores. I know you weren’t happy with them,but these are lovely. Yes I would also like to see what they look like rotated. I to feel they would sit better on the horizontal. You did a good job. Give the nature workers a run for their money next year!



    I don’t think Butterfly farm images really stack up against true Nature / in the wild shots Meg but it was good practice. I think I could use them in our comps but not in the LCPU although I have seen the odd glass wing and wood nymph in amongst their shots. We will see.

    Zebra Mosaic rotated 90 degrees.



    Pete Robinson

    They look nice bright clear images D. Macro work is very difficult as you found out because the depth of field is so narrow. Backgrounds are always a problem in places like butterfly houses. I agree with Ian that the black & white butterfly looks better rotated.



    You’ve got the plane of focus just right on those D – and that is a major thing to master, failing on that one is why most of my insect macros wind up getting deleted. So super first go I say!

    They also look like good specimens (though I don’t see 6 legs, perhaps some are obscured) – that is reason 2 for my binning shots.

    Third thing, (as always) backgrounds – and again big tick for most of them.

    Ian’s right about the Zebra Mosaic shot.

    So, good start indeed.

    BTW the Canon 100mm macro is one of the best, if not the best, general purpose macro lens so you should get super detail is the camera and subject are still and focusing correct.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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