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    Had my Canon 40d for little over a week now and amazed at the super deal Simon and Carol gave me. Those of us who remember Simon and Carol would not be surprised , knowing they are people of “Quality” and to be the new owner of Carols camera is a privilege. I received the kit less than 24 hours after being dispatched from Anglesey. A pristine packed parcel, packed in the original box -itself still like brand new. Everything neatly packed –as Simon would—it was exactly like opening a brand new camera. Even the handbook as new and pristine from day one. Not one -but two- remote cables–six 4gb compact flash cards.The camera-well -it could not be in more perfect condition. The adapter came the day previously , so I was able to connect the mirror lens there and then.It was such a good find seeing it for sale by Simon and knowing him I had no hesitation.(Curiosity now–what has Carol replaced it with???)nosey.



    Wondered how that had happened. Simon and Carol are still on the email list and do look at the website, but the Forum is only visible to members.



     This is first serious attempt at the moon–hand held–500sec—sould be able to peg a little more on a tripod. Just an hour ago–250,000 miles away.



    Anyone with a CANON EF 70-200mm f/4L lens could find this useful. Prior to getting my Canon, I bought this with a view to rigging on my Samsung. It is a TR Tripod Mount Ring for a Canon with that tele lens. The ring locks around the lens and screws on your tripod. This give better balance and takes the strain of the lens off the camera. Ah you may say that what if I bought that lens—well I have two of these rings-and thats another story. FOC to first request from current owner of one of these lenses. Well constructed and brand new. ( a bit like myself.)



    Think I have now cracked it—-“Sharpness” with the mirror lens. These will never match a prime lens, but with the Canon body still obvious when overcoming the difficulty focusing-there is a loss of sharpness. So back to the hand book and found a slider like control for sharpness which was set to the low point.This is the first time I have had a camera with a sharpness control adjuster. Set to full sharpness the mirror lens is dishing up better performance.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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