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    Our debate in Monthly Theme became protracted , so  taking on from there—my point is on digital cameras there is a Kelvin Degree adjuster. I believe under used. Probably a tendency to use post processing. The advantage of in camera use is the scene adjusted can be seen in the viewfinder as adjusting the degrees Kelvin. Please do not tell Ralph where I live–have nicked a bit of his glorious pic showing how increasing the degree Kelvin removes the blue considerably and more natural. 

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    Ian McNab

    Mmm… But does it still feel like the alpine sky above is clear, bright and intensely blue, and that the sun is shining outside the frame to the left?


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    You have lost the strength of the diagonal and colour echo of the blue-clad climbers and the blue sky.

    There is a danger in viewing on anything other than a colour corrected monitor AND a colour aware application. On my desktop , on which I do all my serious work, I am constantly reminded of the fact that colours can change greatly depending on what I am viewing with. I only trust Lr, PS and Bridge plus Irfanview to give me a true rendition. Browsers are at best too blue and Windows Viewer is quite unreliable, changing markedly when you switch to full screen viewing, for example.

    As Ian has said somewhere, ice is blue under some circumstances and all the time I have been viewing Ralph’s image I have not thought it “incorrect”.

    These threads on colour will have been very interesting, I just hope they are being read!

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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