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    Pete Robinson

    Following on from our invitation to local Community projects for the council I’ve had the pleasure of covering the first two events. The first one was at Jubilee Gardens where some volunteers were involved in tidying the plant beds and clearing up some rubbish. Here’s a few examples of what they do:

    The second event was held at St.Barnabas Church Hall in West Street. Here they held a ‘Tea Dance’ for people with dementia. There were only a few there and everyone was very friendly. It took a while to get going then I managed to roam around in the background recording a few special moments for them. It was very rewarding to help in this way. Here’s a few samples:


    If anyone wants to join in the fun and take some good photographs and help the community at the same time. Please complete the council’s ‘Volunteer Registration’ form and pass it on to me and I’ll give it to Deb Lindop at the council. Download the form from the miscellaneous section of the ‘Downloads – Resources’ menu: Volunteer Registration Form



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    Pete Robinson

    Here’s an update of the events I’ve covered this week.

    The strangest and probably the most challenging thing I’ve ever photographed was an exhibition on platform 6 of Crewe station. It’s in a darkened corner of the waiting room where there’s a tall glass topped table connected to a laptop. A person needs to stand at opposite ends and look through the glass top and put their hands underneath it. You can see a blanket of white dots like a halogram and when you move your hands it forms a pattern.

    They asked me to photography it! After a lot of trial and error I managed to get some sort of result but far from perfect. I ended up focusing manually and setting my camera manually to something like 1/25 @f5.6 using 1000 ISO. Ouch!  If you want to try the exhibition is on until 7th. April.


    It was a lot easier today when I was asked to record the making of cakes made by the Crewe & Nantwich Senior Forum at Union Street’s Baptist Church. These were later to be sold for Cancer Research at the Pickmere old peoples’ home in Badger Avenue. This was quite a good one to do. Here’s a few examples:

    Thank you to everyone who has expressed an interest in helping. Please complete and send let the Volunteer Registration form then I can pass it on and get you started on this exciting adventure!










    Peter, those are absolutely super!

    The photography in local newspapers has declined a lot since they no longer have photographers but I have to say – they stand equal to the standard we used to have when Ken Hewitt and his friends were providing the images for the news. Very well done indeed, a credit to the society.



    Excellent Peter  – wish I could join you on future happenings but life is complex at the moment. I did something similar with Sandbach U3A two or three years ago and enjoyed it immensely. I made an AV of them all after which seemed to go down well – I don’t know if anything similar could be done with your projects?





    Pete Robinson

    Thank you very much for your flattering comments John and Ralph. I don’t think I’ll ever match the old Chronicle professionals.


    deb from the council said she’d approached the chronicle in the past and they weren’t very interested in publishing her events.  Perhaps I should ask her to try again. She was talking about having an exhibition of our photos and crediting Cps.



    That’s good the hear. In the years that I have worked with the history group there have been few opportunities for publicity.

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