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    Pete Robinson

    Well done Wallace achieving a bronze medal for your superb photograph of the gymnast.  It must have been extremely difficult to get all the technicalities and timing  right and you’ve got it spot on. I’d dream about taking a photograph of that quality. It’s crazy to me how a similar photo you entered for the last print competition only scored 15.  You’ll have to wear your medal at our next meeting!


    Ian McNab

    Peter’s right, Wallace: your gymnast photograph is a cracker! Lighting and exposure spot on; just enough background context to inform without distracting; and a beautifully chosen crop to give a striking visual design. Brilliant!



    Yes, congratulations. It leaves me as Comp Sec with a bit of as dilemma though; do I use it as a print or PDI? The picture first appeared as a print but it has just done so well as a PDI.

    We have had 14s and 15s before but rarely and not in circumstances when medals are on offer (Steven Pepper held the KO Trophy for a year) – and we are used to Ian Whiston winning medals (though individually entered) but this is a great achievement Wallace and repays all the effort you put in to getting the picture(s) of the gymnasts. It does help to find something different in sports photography – Martin is doing this too.



    Tom Seaton

    Yes, well done indeed Wallace. A really fine photograph. I remember your presentation to the club some time ago about the couple of days you

    spent at the event. You arrived, you said, a complete novice in at the deep end but determined to learn. How you learned!

    A prize winning photo after just two days. You are a genius.



    Martin McGing

    Yes, well done Wallace, its a cracker.  Indoor sports photography is a real challenge and anticipating what the gymnast is going to do is an art.

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