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    On Saturday 8 April three of us went to the #Connected10 exhibition opening. It was a Patchings Art Centre just north of Nottingham. The venue itself was something to wonder at and the approach of the owner is to display paintings etc and photographs alongside each other.

    The event is organised by Rob Knight and the exhibition is open until May 7. On the Saturday and Sunday he arranged for 6 photographers to speak, as an opening event. On Saturday the three speakers were:-

    11am. Sue Bishop – Co-founder of Light & Land

    1pm.Rob Knight – Exhibition co-curator

    3pm.Paul Kenny – Respected artist and publisher

    It was the most enthralling day, as memorable as hearing Salgado speak at the Photo Show. In fact Rob’s engaging talk was on exactly the lines that Salgado used to open his talk. You bring your own unique blend of background,  of knowledge, of experience, of skills and ideas to photography – give them free reign and make your photos a unique look at things!

    All the speakers were excellent and quite different, which underlined Rob’s theme. Sue uses colour and macro photography whilst Paul Kenny doesn’t use a camera at all!

    I do not think my two companions knew what to expect but they enjoyed the day immensely.

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