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    NOW HERES A BIT OF ADVICE. As we some times do–leave batteries in gadgets-ie radio-camera-torch light etcs–and the batteries become old and leak and corrode. This leaves that dried corroded terminals. Well this is what you do—-squirt a few drops of vinegar (the stuff you put on your chips)  on to the corrosion–this will foam up–so do on some old newspaper. If the terminals are in a battery lid that can be removed–then wash in soapy water and dry on radiator. The terminals like new in seconds. If the terminals are  attached and cannot be removed just wipe well to clean with some dampened soapy kitchen towel. I knew this from the past that an acid from the pharmacist is the thing. But last night found corroded batteries in and old film winder—-knowing  that vinegar had the same acid content thought it worth a try. Works like wonder and clean like new terminals. Vinegar on your corroded terminals–here endeth todays lesson.

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    Peter Robinson

    Thanks for that useful hint. Perhaps we should have a useful hints thread?

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    Ian McNab

    Neat trick, Ken, and very handy to know.

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