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    Peter Robinson

    This week I’ve been busy during the evenings sorting out my Cosford Air Show photos. As we all know you never know what you’ve taken until you have a good luck on your PCs monitor.

    I was quite amazed just how close the aerobatic teams get to each other in their displays. It happens so fast at the time and you can’t apprieciate it.
    Canberra and hunter

    The Blades aerobatic team

    Spitfire PR11

    Two yakovlevs.

    I’m sure Ken will like this beauty. I think the Vulcan is one of the most beautiful planes ever made.



    You’ve done well to capture those near collisions, Peter. As you say, you need a monitor view to be sure of what you’ve captured. This is true not jut of high speed capture like this but the detail in any picture – you just can’t take it in, or even see it, when you press the shutter. I would say beware of using the LCD to judge image quality too – it is just too small and too low resolution to make critical judgements about sharpness etc.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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