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    Excellent Sharon and David—back bone of a Society people like this.Always up front to do their bit.Not convinced it has enough panache just displaying prints. In Coventry –just realised –50 years ago- we had all afternoon and evening a big space of a supermarket. Had sponsors- models to photograph, it was the age of the mini skirt and the swinging sixties..To really key into people what is needed is to take kids photo”s -a printer and within four minutes give mums and dads an A4 card mounted of their sprat. CPS goody bags -CPS balloons -classy model to photo———went some where last autumn with my laptop and 3D pics and specs–to help ,at a display and they were queued up and it turned to be the main attraction. Sponsors are always ready to support with their stuff.Just needs time to plan and a display event with some panache can yield good results.


    sharon barton

    This event is about promoting the society so that more people are aware of the society and also networking with other clubs and societies, it was a successful afternoon despite the weather.

    I made some good contacts for the society and have details of some photographic opportunities for members



    Here, here! Well done all of you who helped with this. The stand looked very impressive and let us hope that quite a few more people now know that we exist and might think about coming along to join us.



    Pete Robinson

    It certainly looks an excellent display. Many thanks to Dave and Sharon for supporting the club in this way. It’s a shame it was on a Friday as it was difficult for me to attend. I’m sorry I didn’t make it after work. It sound s like it was a good event to ‘network’ with like minded organisations. Perhaps we can share our skills for each others benefit. I would think they would all want some decent publicity photos and we could get the opportunity to photograph local talents as well gain some new members.

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