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    For those who have never come across it before, I picked up a quarterly photography magazine a couple of months ago called “c’t Digital Photography”. I found it really interesting and quite different to the usual photography magazines. It contained very in-depth articles  on a wide range of topics. I also liked it because it wasn’t too Photoshop centric and, in fact, suggested a number of free software applications that can be used (plus included them on the DVD).

    You’ll probably only find it in large newsagents ( I got mine on W H Smith, Stockport) but it can be ordered from the website (with free p+p).

    For more information see:-





    Thanks for that Darren–it looks a very refreshingly new magazine. Its how I got started   into Serif as an alternative to PS.  —Buying a magazine  with a sampler dvd.Well done for picking that up Darren.



    Thanks for that Darren. The unusual title will help it – some of the magazines have such similar names that it is claimed even the journalists working on them get confused.

    I have largely given up on the “how to do x, y, and z in Photoshop” mags now, preferring things which take a broader view, such as Black & White Photography. I would buy the BJP but it is too expensive. I’ll look out for c’t Digital. (what can c’t stand for?)


    Pete Robinson

    Thanks Darren. It sound an interesting Mag. Talking of black and white I really liked your of shot of the yacht and though it deserved better.



    Good question John – I’ve no idea what the “c’t” stands for and the website doesn’t tell us either!

    Thanks for the compliment on my yacht shot Peter! I knew though, when I entered it, that it wasn’t quite right in some way then Bob put his finger on it by pointing out that the horizon (or the other side of the river Crouch as it was) went straight through the yacht!



    Looks like it contains some interesting articles and features.  Very tempting Darren.  Thanks for the tip.



    I still haven’t come across this magazine. The WH Smiths in Stockport must be better stocked!

    In the meantime there is a favourable review here http://minimalistphotography101.com/ct-digital-photography-a-genuinely-useful-photography-magazine/

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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