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    Ian McNab

    Here’s an enjoyable and informative picture story on the BBC web site called ‘Swapper’. The introduction says

    The Swapper is a story about the internationally-acclaimed British documentary photographer David Hurn; it is a story of a dyslexic, Welsh schoolboy written off as being “a bit thick” and an extraordinary “succession of bizarre coincidences” which would propel him into the ranks of photography’s elite.


    Two surviving children survey the rescue operation in Aberfan, October 1966. © David Hurn


    Magnum member and founder of the prestigious documentary photography course at Newport, Hurn has swapped pictures with photography’s ‘greats’ at Magnum for sixty years. The article details the fascinating story of Hurn’s life as well as revealing anecdotes about Magnum and its photographers. It is illustrated with a large selection of the pictures that the community at Magnum have swapped with Hurn and he with them during his long and successful career.



    Pete Robinson

    I had a look at the photos via the link and there are some powerful images there documenting our history. Thanks Ian.



    You may all like to listen to an interview with David Hurn on FFOTON.


    It is in two parts – the link is to he first, obviously. They have interviewed many photographers and the site is really worth exploring.

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