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    More difficult photographing in the wild on a mobility scooter than sat on top of a Range Rover.



    MOVE ALONG was taken on the same safari  shoot in Chester sat on my mobility  scooter.


    Peter Robinson

    Two good picture there Ken. It acn’t have been easy for your to have taken them. I like the positioning of the carf walking in towards it’s mother? in the first photo. I also like the foilage inthe foreground and the natural background. The second shot is well spotted and caught. It looks very sharp and I like the treatment.  It has a bit of humor as well.


    Ian McNab

    Yes, a couple of good shots, as Peter says. I particularly like the the composition and treatment in the second one – it looks as though you were safari-ing on your scooter in the 1860s! 😉



    Like them both Ken. You will have to ask Ian W for advice on getting the scooter off to Kenya!


    seriously you are an inspiration to us all , getting out and about and  being  adventurous.  The shots you’ve shown in the recent seasons have been your best (new ones that is).



    Thanks John–you always lift me –ken

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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