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    Ian McNab

    I had not come across Emil Gataullin (Эмиль Гатауллин) till this morning, when I saw some of his pictures on Ignant.com

    All three of the pictures below are from the series ‘Towards The Horizon’, which won the ‘people series’ category of the international Mono Visions Photography 2017 Awards. (The picture of the boys on a swing had already won the Alfred Fried Awards competition in 2014).







    Gataullin is a professional artist and photographer. Now in his mid forties, he lives with his wife and children in Moscow, where he works as a painter of frescoes. Many of his photographs however depict scenes from rural Russia. Gataullin trained as a painter, first in Kazan and then at the Surikov Art Institute at Moscow State Academy, where he graduated with a specialism in monumental paintings. He was a student of Aleksandr Lapin, himself a photographer as well as a leading Russian photography theorist, teacher and author of many highly-regarded books and articles on photography.

    Gataullin’s photographs have a gentle, poetic quality, understated and lyrical, which turns quite ordinary, everyday scenes into something strangely magical. He became interested in photography some fifteen or twenty years ago, but he has not been well known outside Russia. He is building an international reputation as a result of winning a number of prestigious photography prizes, and having solo and collective exhibitions in Austria, Lithuania, Russia and France. You can see more of his work on these web sites:




    …and he also puts photographs on Flickr and Instagram.




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