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    Ian McNab

    John >>> If you’re going to e-mail it out as a general invitation would it be best to go for 27 Aug Jul to give people plenty of advanced notice?

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    Peter Robinson

    Ok. I can’t make 13th.July. The world cup final is on Sunday 13th. July at 8pm Ken. Don’t miss it! Your unlikely to choose a date when everyone can make it so we’ll  have to try a date when most of us can attend. I’m away on 27thAugust, just to be awkward!



    Ian McNab

    Sorry, Peter – I meant 27 July!


    Peter Robinson

    27th.July clashes with the Audlem transport festival which may make a good venue for a club outing itself. Although, as it’s a free event it will be packed and the cars are packed together so difficult to appreciate in all their glory. There should be some narrow boats near by as well. I think Crewe Park might be better for a club outing as it’ll be a bit quiter and we’ll be able to socialise easier. What does the team think?

    One site detailing the transport festival is:



    D. Williams

    I think the usual outcome is that those who are retired, single or not working are usually more able to commit to a club meeting / trip out than those who work and/or have families and have their weekends booked up way in advance as free time is so precious.

    The only weekend I am busy is July 12/13th.  Otherwise I am free at the moment.



    Right, 20th. I’ll send out something tomorrow morning. I have one or two other things to mention too.


    I notice that the Queens Park environment group have a meeting this Sunday. I might go over at 2pm this Sunday to have a look how things are, I haven’t been there this year. I had a guided tour with the History group a couple of years back when the £10 million restoration was just getting going.

Viewing 6 posts - 16 through 21 (of 21 total)

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