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    Hi All

    When reducing a jpg image to upload to the web site is it best to:-

    a) save with a higher compression rate ?


    b) reduce the image size ?

    Or does it depend on the situation ?





    Hi Dennis if it helps, I always make a duplicate first. Then reduce image size to 750 mp x whatever. ken



    Hi Dennis, welcome to the club.

    The answer is BOTH.

    Make your images no bigger than 650px on the longest side and save them at a compression which gives a file size no bigger than about 100k. These are the parameters I use for the Image of the Week. If they are portrait orientation 500px high is enough (otherwise the reader might have to scroll and won’t see the image easily). The images are perfectly clear at these settings.

    If you have Photoshop or Photshop Elements you can use “Save for Web” and it allows you to actually see what the effect of compression makes. Although you can load bigger files you have to remember that a big file will take a long time to load when someone wants to look at it and they will give up if it does’t show straight away.

    Save as jpeg.

    If you are concerned about your pictures being copied (it is not possible to protect them completely), then firstly fill in the copyright fields in image information in Photoshop or Lightroom and also add a copyright message on the photo itself – see the photo of the week to see what I mean. However, if you have made them 650px wide and compressed them it is difficult to make a very high quality print from them.


    Hope that helps.



    Hi Dennis, welcome!  Once you have resized your image you might find the imageshack desktop uploader useful to create the URL.  I never sign out which means putting an image on here is very simple with it.

    First create an account at imageshack.

    then download and install  the bulk uploader to your desktop.                     this puts a frog icon on your desktop.

    To upload pictures to the forum:

    Click on the frog 0n your desktop.

    Click  +ADD and browse for your RESIZED image or drag and drop onto the window.

    At image resize Click 640 x 640 message board, select your privacy preference and click upload.

    On the forum click text tab on the rhs.

    Click the img tab  and when a window appears delete the http that will be highlighted in blue.

    On imageshack Copy and paste (control C and control V) the DIRECT LINK url into box on the forum.

    Click visual tab and your image should be there.

    Sounds complicated but is very simple once you’ve done it once. I recommend not signing out.

    Very nice image by the way. My sort of thing.  I would have the urge to straighten it a little and darken the floor where it is a little bright.   I am always having the same problem so just a first impression.


    Participant    the first link is not working.  I hope this one does.



    Just a note to add if it tries to install any toolbars etc just reject them.  This is common with free programs and they are a pain.  If you inadvertently download one just uninstall the toolbar program and reset your homepage to default.



    This is what I do Dennis. RESIZE TO 750 longest side. SAVE and export etc. Write comments on forum / click browse/open image/ Simply click Submit. Nice and easy. Gives a thumbnail which viewers click to enlarge.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)

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