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    Last night I was playing about with a free panorama stitching program called Hugin. Once I’d read the tutorial, I was amazed at how easy it was to stitch together 7 images to make a really good panorama just by selecting two buttons!

    This got me wondering what other free or open source software club members are using. Not everybody wants to (or can afford to) buy expensive photography software so I though it would be good to share and recommend some freebies.

    To kick things off then. Hugin can be found here:-

    To see what it can do, select ‘Gallery’ from the menu bar on the above page.


    Ian McNab

    The big free/opensource (FOSS) program that resembles Photoshop is called GIMP.  I always used it on Linux systems, but there are versions for Windows and Mac. Download free from

    A sophisticated FOSS RAW converter is UFRaw. Again, free from

    (Scroll down the download page for Mac and Windows versions.)


    Darren >>> I think there’s also an HDR workflow using Hugin, but I’ve never tried it myself.



    My HP MEDIA  built in software on my HP computor    has the very simple panorama   stitching option in the ” creative section” and very easy it is. 








    Keymaster I use this photo editing software to do those little AVs I use on Open Evenings, I’ve used it for 12 years or so. It is amazingly powerful in some areas. Has RENAMER which I use for renaming your PDI files as I process them. Is the sound editing program which you can use for AVs.

    One word of warning about free software. You can find that it is hijacked by others and could be used to hide malware, so be careful where you download it from. I now only use stuff I’ve had for years or comes highly recommended. There is perhaps no such thing as a free lunch.


    Ian McNab

    John >>> I’ve never had any problem with free software downloads in years of using it; but you should, as you say, get software only from the official repositories or the developer’s own website.



    I got caught out when downloading GIMP a few months back. I downloaded it via a banner ad and ended up with a load of malware on my machine. So, only download GIMP (or any other open source software) from a recognized source.

    I’ve downloaded and tried RAWTHERAPEE – a free and quite powerful RAW converter and was impressed with it.

Viewing 8 posts - 1 through 8 (of 8 total)

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