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    Ian McNab

    I’d be interested to hear from anyone who has, or has used, a Fujifilm X100. You read widely disparate views in the photography media – some highly respected photographers love it;  others dislike it intensely.

    I quite like the idea of photographing with the nearest thing to a classic rangefinder for under £1000.  But would I be wasting my money?

    (And if anyone sees what Fuji shows off at Photokina around this price point and style of camera, your thoughts would be particularly welcome!)



    Lovely little camera but the fixed lens is something which immediately deterred me from buying – having said that I later bought a GF1 Panasonic and find that the 20mm lens stays on most of the time. David Beckham has one, good enough reason for anyone to buy I suppose(!)

    The Fujifilm Pro 1 (Monty Don has one of those) is more interesting to me, larger sensor and interchangeable lenses – when it was announced it seemed to be an important step forward. I might buy the Pro 2, which doesn’t exist yet but the Pro 1 has a few issues which are bound to get sorted. The new generation of small cameras with large sensors are beginning to be a real alternative to the weighty SLRs. Nice to have both and I nearly always grab the GF1 when we when I am off out but not on a dedicated shoot (which is most of the time!).


    Ian McNab

    The fixed 23mm lens (equivalent to a 35mm lens on a full-frame rangefinder – a classic ‘street photography’ focal length) was one of the things that appealed to me, the singe prime also being less to worry about, and a useful discipline. And the X100 is now about half the price of the X-Pro-1 body + lens: a very important consideration!

    What I was less sure about was how it handles in practice. Some reports of unreliable autofocus and almost unusable manual focus were worrying – which is why I asked for people’s personal experiences.

    Of course, for the classic street photography technique, you’d use ‘range focus’: set the camera to focus at about 8’or 10′ and turn off the auto focus; set the aperture to the DoF you need to have a good chance of getting anything in your working range in focus. (For this lens, focussed at 8′, f/8 should get subjects between about 6′ and 12′ away in focus); and set the ISO to give you a shutter speed of 1/60 or faster.  (So, only shoot street photos on a brightish day, to keep the ISO down!) All you need to do is watch, wait, frame and shoot.

    With that sort of technique, how does the X100 handle? Easy-to-frame viewfinder? Decent battery life? Etc…

    I know it’s quiet – actually, it’s silent if you turn the artificially generated shutter sound off. So it looks like the perfect digital camera for street photography – at least, one that costs about 14x less than a Leica M-Monochrom + 50mm APO Sumicron lens, which was my other option. (Not!)




    VICKDADDY   has a comprehensive review on Amazon UK   (  fujix100/reviews) £679   –nice kit but you are stuck with focal length?? (SASHA looks great whatever camera–try and post a picture for you)


    Ian McNab

    Thanks, Ken. I’ve read lots of reviews and comment, favourable and otherwise. It sounds a bit like one of those cameras you either love or hate! That’s why I wanted to see if anyone in Crewe PS had used one, and what they thought.

    I don’t mind the fixed local length – used a Pentax Spotmatic II with the wonderful SMC Takumar 50mm f/1.4 for years (and still do occasionally!).  And for every-day use I carry a Nikon D40 with a 35mm prime on it (as you know, that’s equivalent to a 50mm on a  full-frame body in terms of angle of view).

    But a 35mm full-frame equivalent lens – like the one on the X100 –  is perfect for general & street work. (Just walk to zoom!) And one of the attractions of the X100 is its sparklingly sharp image quality – the Fujinon lens is excellent.

    So I’d still love to hear from someone who knows from using it how the X100 handles.

    (Sasha does, indeed, look great regardless of camera!)



    One point came to mind Ian–re–focussing concerns.   On the 3D international forum there has been much vitriolic complaints about the Fuji W3   3D  camera and focus  problems. Members world wide have done tests and it all leaves me convinced that the problem is caused by not waiting until  the image is in focus. EG–Red light turnd to Green  then click. It needs that milli-second before completing the click.There won”t be any problems–buy two and give me one!!!! Will try and post you a street photo. KEN


    Ian McNab

    Thanks, Ken. I’ve been doing a bit more reading, and it seems that the autofocus works better when using the electronic viewfinder, rather than the optical viewfinder.

    The X100 isn’t a DSLR, and you wouldn’t use it for sports photography, or expect it to keep up with fast-moving dogs or children. But the AF is apparently no slower than a Leica X1, or the Panasonic GF2 or GH2.

    I have to say, if I could afford to buy two, I’d be buying an X-Pro-1 instead! Sorry!!

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