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    Ian McNab

    I’m not sure what I think of this. It was taken on an overcast day in low-contrast (i.e. very flat!) light. I’ve enhanced the contrast a bit.

    It actually looks better on a black background, as here:

    But what do you think…



    You do take lovely images of this type Ian. I am envious.  Very little to critisise (but I know you want me to try) at all but I would probably clone out the mark in the water by the chimney top as it is not part of the reflection and I am really not sure what it is.  After taking these still shots I would have been tempted to have caused a slight ripple with a small stone in the water in the bottom right foreground as the clouds have not reflected as well as the rest of the scene.  It may not have produced a better image as the stillness is beautiful but as long as you are there you might as well try.  Nothing ventured as they say.

    Excellent as always.  I think we need a field trip and the benefit of your expertise!



    Ian McNab

    Yes, I see what you mean about the dark spot below the reflected chimney. I think it’s actually one of those peculiar effects you get in water reflections where a barely-discernible ripple causes a reflection  – here of a dark bit of chimney – that’s separated from the main body of the object. But since it’s puzzling enough to be  too attention-getting,  I think you’re right about cloning it out.

    Not sure I entirely approve of interfering with the scene to make ripples! 😉  What attracted me was the uncanny stillness of the mill pond, which evoked the atmosphere on this very still afternoon beautifully.

    I should add that I had to do a bit of work on developing the out-of-camera RAW file to retrieve what detail you see here in the clouds and the reflected sky.  (I also warmed up the colour a bit, from a rather drab and washed-out original.)

    Thanks for your helpful (and flattering!) comments and suggestions.



    Now thats the sort of photography I love–always tempted to throw a little pebble in to create a few ripples—very nice and well done.


    meg cumming

    Yes another lovely image from you Mac and like Dolores says just clone out that speck and perfection perfected. It really is a tranquil scene and a trip out would be handy.


    Ian McNab

    Ken >>> Thanks for your kind words. If you want to make ripples now, you’ll need to do it in Photoshop, I fear! 😉

    Med >>> Thank you. And thanks for confirming the view that the mark will have to go! (Perhaps we should have a day out to Top Withens to see if we can better Bill Brandt and Fay Godwin?!)





    Pete Robinson

    It’s surprising the difference it makes viewing it on a black background. Something to bear in mind when choosing a print mount.

    I think photographing on a dull day helps digital sensors record all the detail. You dont lose any highlights or shadow detail and the colours remain well saturated. I think the composition works very well and I like the inclusion of the reflection.

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