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    I think the new mirrorless Hasselblad is the most exciting thing in digital cameras that we have seen for a long time and may herald a whole range of new “medium format” digital cameras and affirm mirrorless as the way forwards.

    Ever since the first digital cameras with electronic viewfinders appeared many years ago it seemed to me that that was the way to go, but the resolution was poor and the refresh rate too slow. The DSLR has been the order of the day so far since it had two decades start and had already overcome the technical problems of mirror motion at high shutter rates and the all important auto-focus.

    But a mirror box, in the end, is a big, clunky thing and adds greatly to the weight and whilst technological advances have been keeping the DSLR ahead, mirrorless has been steaming up behind and is now so close in capability that only those with the really high demands of sport and nature photography are going to be keeping their DSLRs.

    Never has the difference that dispensing with the mirror makes been so marked as with the new Hasselblad. Despite having a significantly bigger sensor it is not a lot bigger than the diminutive Fujifilm XT1 in height and width and about the same thickness. Of course the lenses are still the same so I am not claiming it is a pocketable camera but the reduction in size of the body is startling.

    OK, none of us can afford one, but it is bound to prove popular with professionals for landscape work and will generate interest generally in larger format work. Most of all though, it is another certain step towards truly digital cameras, without mirrors.





    Read this re Fuji film producing a 50 mega pixel camera,


    Much cheaper than the $9000 for the Hasselblad



    Now that would be something! Fuji have been making a film camera looking just like the one illustrated for some time. Going back to bellows you could have a pocketable medium format camera, and I would not mind in the least if it had a fixed lens.

    Fuji actually made a camera for Hasselblad once, the X-Pan, which was quite popular even though it took double width 35mm pictures.


    Ian McNab

    Street photography with an MF Fuji would be very entertaining, wouldn’t it?! (Perhaps I’ll hold off thinking about an X-Pro2 till we learn more about the MF camera.)





    They don’t appear to be listing it now, but that camera was available asa film camera until recently. If they are using the same parts it could be quite affordable, though you cannot get past the fact that big sensors are expensive.

    I don’t know about street,  but it could have quite a cult appeal.

    A fixed lens would not be a major restriction, think Leica Q (is it?) Which has a fixed 28 and then crops for 35, 50 etc.

    Very interesting.

    Good for street if it had a waist level finder.

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