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    Further to my last paragraph, Kim Grant touches on it 8 mins into this video https://youtu.be/JMTljPolQhA

    She talks about valuing simply being out in the landscape she is trying to photograph.

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    Peter Robinson

    In Ian’s first post in this topic he discusses possible replacements for lightroom. I’ve just noted this comparison review between some of its competition.

    Compare Photo Editors

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    Ian McNab

    Thanks for the link, Peter – an interesting and thorough review of the main contenders! I noticed a few mistakes in the Luminar review, which can in fact do a number of things the reviewer thought it couldn’t. But the main conclusion is how close he judged Luminar and Lightroom to be – the only major deficit was Luminar’s lack of a ‘Digital Asset Management’ (DAM) module (i.e. a cataloguing module corresponding to ‘Library’ in LR); but Luminar’s developers are promising to have this ready during 2018 (and to make it compatible with LR catalogues).

Viewing 3 posts - 16 through 18 (of 18 total)

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