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    We have our own club competitions but we also enter several inter-club and regional competitions too. Altogether your poor competition secretary has to prepare for 22 competitions each season.

    The first inter-club  is next Thursday; the FIVE TOWNS. Full details are on the PROGRAMME page.

    I have just added more  details of the one after that, the ROBERTSHAW. It is on Monday 6th October at Macclesfield Library. Again, see the PROGRAMME page.



    It must be eight years since joining CPS and it always seems the competition sec.  has had a demanding workload. 22 competitions is beyond the call of duty. The typing-collating and number crunching is an aspect of managerial logistics.  CPS  is excellent in all photographic matters. Senior committee members who give their time above the call of duty and no doubt put their hands in their pockets.  Their work is imperative to the running of the Society  which they all do so well without question.  When closely involved we always do not see the wood for the trees.  Sitting on the fence looking in , without being hyper critical  it is possible to identify areas  which would stand giving consideration to. For me it is the managerial logistic aspects where my old teacher would have said—-could do better.   Thirteen committee members–about one third of the  membership –there should not be an overload of work on anyone. Two managerial tools come to mind–A/  The theory of KITA—and  B/  The art of delegation.  Management that believes only “they” can do it, make a rod for their own back.  With all the demand on photographic aspects alone , it would seem to me that for instance all the routine competition administrative work could be put out to some supporting companies typing pool–one item for instance. The accounts could be put out to a supporting accounts office. For example all of those prosperous companies on the Weston Road industrial estate — our needs would be a drop in the ocean  for them to support CPS. Or sponsorship to help pay for services.— My vision while consolidating the  support and interest  of a very  supporting   executive was exactly that to have someone on our side to open doors and one phone call and the reply would be –positive to CPS needs. An executive who has rubbed shoulders with the prime minister in 10 Downing St, can pull a lot of weight in the community. But rather than embrace that opportunity with me  and quite possibly have the person as an  honoury member –I was kept out of the loop and the opportunity dropped like a damp squib. That is the consequence  of the needs to re-consider non-photographic managerial and PR aspects–don”t you think….(bathroom–medicine cabinet–top shelf–apoplexy tabs)———–SARAH-TOM SEALS TODAY–CREWE



    I’m getting plenty of help from my two assistants and Mary has booked the judges, so it is definitely not a one-man-band, thankfully.

    Good shot Ken, I was getting Tweets from Crewe Town Council about the concert. All praise to them for making an effort to make Crewe a better place to be.

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