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    Every year the L&CPU, together with every other Federation, sends an entry to the PAGB for the Inter-Federation Competition. The number of entries is 1/3 of the number of clubs, so the L&CPU with nearly 100 member clubs is one of the largest entries.

    The L&CPU make their selection from the final L&CPU Competition of the year and this time it was the Club Annual rather than the Individuals comp. This meant that they were selecting from a smaller entry. They also select work for the folios and this means we have “lost” a very large portion of our best prints. This is creating a problem for our Five Towns entry. None of our competitors in the 5T entered the L&CPU Club Annuals so they will not have suffered.

    I think we will either have to accept losing the 5T this year – but use this year’s work in next year’s 5T and then continue to work with a year in hand, or reprint most of our entry.

    Last year I reprinted some of the entries.

    The results of the Inter-Fed are now available, including an illustrated catalogue, but no individual marks, so we have no idea how Meg’s picture did, except that it was not accepted into the exhibition. Ian W had 2 and Wallace 1 image in there.



    We now have the individual marks (see front page) and I had a surprise. The L&CPU kept most of our prints but before we found that Wallace had an award we had no idea which ones (Ian’s winners were all PDIs). Well, the only other print sent to the PAGB was my Carre d’Art and it scored  11, not enough to get an acceptance but creditable.

    So we have two obvious choices for the 5Towns; Mature Rider and Carre. Only 10 to go!

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