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    I would be naïve to not having an opinion as to the reason why. I refer –as previously have to the selection process for CPS external entries. Sadly so few members bother to support this forum to see my point. I am sure fair minded members would at least question in their minds–the fairness if they made themselves aware. On the NEWS front page the statement is with reference to the recent Whitchurch comp. “Who wins is of secondary importance”—the conflict I have with that –as previously bought to attention–why are entries not then made on the basis of fairness and equality –rather than the favoured few. I could very easily have listed the entrants names. Not only–some have more than one of their images entered. Please do not insult my intelligence further by saying the entries are made based on results in competitions. We have entries by two who have only been members for weeks. I HAVE BEEN A MEMBER OF THIS “SOCIETY” FOR TEN—-TEN YEARS–AND MY WORK HAS BEEN IGNORED FOR TEN YEARS. That is in conflict with–Who wins is of secondary importance. It is time to take stock as one person at least I can say -have had their work entered on every single occasion for TEN YEARS. My photography is in a class to match-equal and often far better than all members. I am the only member having had the LCPU photo of the month. My work even at my age of 84 years is acclaimed world wide –which is a forum I exhibit my photographs. Having been in photo clubs affiliated to the LCPU for 55 years –believe me I can recognise an excellent photograph. I have supported this Society and do not wish for any special favours at all for the almost £2,000 in cash I have given ,–the many items to support the raffles–the fine lenses 1.8 Pancolor–135mm Carl Zeiss–300mm mirror lens-quite considerable gestures out of kindness to members at a difficult time–and I have supported this forum-not only with the rubbish I post–always ignored-but have put cash into it. So how is it that on one hand winning is of secondary importance–but we will only enter work by the favoured few-even when as seen that recipe leaves CPS low down the ratings. Is it “FAIR AND REASONABLE” to marginalise and ignore members within a bona fide Society??? I am sure others must hold similar views but unlike me say nothing-certainly there has been those who vote with their feet. All the reasons there as they were at an extremely difficult time of my life soon after losing my wife–that I declined the offer of Life Membership of this Society. If in the best interest of the Society this problem is not addressed -I will assume it is agreed I should take my grievance elsewhere. I find it very sad to having to moan on matters of which we all hold close-photography-fairness and equality.

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