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    Perhaps I care to much — as other members who must be affected similarly with the judgement of their entries do not seem to be bothered and never express a view.Should it matter???Next year “Football” is introducing video to analyse the game where the judgement of referees might be impaired. Horse racing has long since as do athletics have photography so as to be 100% accurate with the result. So many pastimes-sports-hobbies go to great lengths to ensure fairness and accuracy . But in club photography competitions we go on year by year with the appointed judges getting it so wrong–blatantly wrong in coming to their conclusions. I am the rare animal that will speak out, whereas sadly most sit and take it. Why—Why—buy very expensive gear–go to extremes to take and produce their entries for judges to misconstrue so many aspects of an image then to sit and take it. I have no doubt many of the same people watching their football team will scream blue heaven when a penalty is awarded against them. Last night was no exception and I am just getting over the neck strain at shaking my head in dis-belief. The marking is subjective and could vary with all judges . What is wrong – is when they judge and critique and making comments totally and technically wrong.Upon which they base an opinion to award points.Example–now I have been in photo clubs affiliated to LCPU since 1959–so I do know about sharpness as an example. My entry-ONE MAN AND HIS DOG—–as an example ——-he could award it two points–thats his view. But he should be qualified to speak fact and not make up and wrongly surmise .He said the dogs face was sharp but the mans was not sharp and has had some effect applied. Utter total rubbish. The face-hair-shoulders totally pin sharp and NO effect at all applied. Another example from so many—He praised and enthralled about an entry of street dancers—marking it high–The flippin dancers feet were cut off at the ankles-??? Another example of mine-so I can speak of fact- Ladies in Waiting—–the author could have asked the lady to just turn her head at another angle to face the camera–these re-enactment people would not mind at all re-posing for you. Garbage Mr. Judge -total rubbish—-this was a very fast moving play on Crewe Railway Station platform –within seconds the scene moved on- this was a PLAY– so when you go to see Shakespeare–you can hold up the play and get Romeo to change a pose while you get your snap. This has to happen to other members -which brings the points awarded
    as questionable. Judges are there to give an accurate appraisal and award points based on their judgement.Thats all!! They do not have the privilege to undermine a Title. Again speaking of one of my entries–Zara Royle–so as to respect the anonymity of the model I made up a false name to give it a title.Considerable care is needed to not expose some ones name with their photo on the internet.Wonderfully -and it being none of his business–he knew her and blurted out her name. His responsibility is to remain totally impartial.Such a pity he could not name the M.E. 109 in the very glorious photo landing in the sun glow. Why do I continue to be concerned about judges. Because it will be a factor that will drive another nail in the coffin of club photography.I know several bright young people from 10 to 16 years of age-high tech savvy –the future generations –and I could not imagine for one moment these people will hang around with such poor quality judgments being made of their efforts.



    The original with every hair on his shoulder finely seen.

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