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    My goodness Ian … that’s quite a collection.  I like the horseshoe of tourists and the zips best.  I would have been tempted to crop off the black shadow at the bottom of the tourist one, but I am guessing that spoils the geometry of the current composition.


    Pete Robinson

    Meg, I like your shot from Liverpool. There the kind thing most would just walk past but you’ve seen a picture in them. I think my favorite is the snaking staircase, but I also like the stained glassed window for its abstract design.

    In John’s shot of the sand has great texture which is enhanced by being in black and white. I, being me, would have liked to have seen the complete curve in the bottom right.

    Another strong set og images from Ian. I like the first best as the curve is formed by the individual children with the tutor being the focal point. I like the way the shadows lead in the the children.

    I didn’t know you had your own company ‘MAC’ as you show us in the second photo!  The curvy trousers was well spotted and makes me smile. The curvy path shot is a bit to lively for me and has too much going on for me. However, I like the repetition of the boats leading into the picture following the chain. I would expect this to do well in a club competition. I think the shot of the bridge is an interesting design picture that grows on me. I follow the shadow the bottom to middle left them the bridge itself leads me to the top right and the ‘posts’ go to the building.

    The last shot again shows how well your little gem can handle highlights.  I would have liked to have seen a bit more of the curved brick foreground which I think would have give it more depth.



    Some great images, my favourites are:-

    Meg’s building with the blue windows,

    Ian’s curvy lady with the curvy shadow,

    John’s giant snake track.


    Some curves from both Gloucester & Weymouth


    Dredger Engine

    Canon EOS 1100D, EF-S 18-135mm, 18mm, f/3.5, Tv 1/120, ISO 1600, Natural Light

    Street Art

    Canon EOS 1100D, EF-S 18-135mm, 20mm, f/11, Tv 1/90, ISO 400, Natural Light

    Inside The Tower

    Canon EOS 1100D, EF-S 18-135mm, 24mm, f/8, Tv 1/125, ISO 800, Natural Light


    Canon EOS 1100D, EF-S 18-135mm, 106mm, f/22, Tv 1/90, ISO 400, Natural Light


    Canon EOS 1100D, EF-S 18-135mm, 108mm, f/27, Tv 1/90, ISO 400, Natural Light


    Canon EOS 1100D, EF-S 18-135mm, 85mm, f/16, Tv 1/90, ISO 400, Natural Light



    I love Inside the Tower and the Wall Derek.  Both fit the brief perfectly and I think they would both work in next seasons competitions extremely well.


    Pete Robinson

    that’s a mixed set of pictures Dennis. This bright sunlight can make getting the right exposure difficult. I like the street art tower in the second photo. i like too tilt the camera when I photograph towers to make them follow a diagonal. Try it sometime and see what you think. In the shot of the inside of the tower I think the curvy lines are going out of the top of the picture and I would have liked ti have seen then complete the ‘circle’ and stay in the picture. For me, the same applies for the rope. I think I would have included the blue sky across the full top of the picture and showed the all of the rope. I like the contrasting colours in this shot. I think the shot of the wall is well seen and a good idea. It’s just a shame it’s slightly tilted.



    Pete Robinson

    Today I heard that there was some American football going on at South Cheshire College so I popped down to see what was going on. Don’t tell the players, but I found the new college more interesting than the game! These are a bit different from what I normally do but I thought I’d give it a try.
    f14 @ 1/125 ISO160

    f18 @ 1/125 ISO160

    f20 @ 1/50 ISO160

    f22 @ 1/50 ISO160



    Thanks for your comments guys.

    Pete:-  Your fist two shots are my favourites, I think they make good use of shadows and shapes

    Yes I see what you mean about the “wall” not being level,

    “Inside the tower” was a real challenge, it gave me back and neck ache trying to take a shot vertically and that was with my wife supporting me from behind so I didn’t fall over, I did consider lying on the ground but that was covered in seagull and pigeon poo but I was after the two vertical lines running  through the centre. I learnt a lot from this shot as I had to set the camera up in manual mode to achieve a reasonable exposure

    The “rope” was coiled up in a large blue plastic box (it was not the sky) on the deck of a trawler, unfortunately the rest of the rope was covered in fishing equipment.



    meg cumming

    My goodness what a really good set of images from you guys. Denis I love your Tower shots outside is good but inside is really the better of the two for impact. As Dolores syas a good addition to next years competitions to boot.

    Pete I love your SSC building it really has that modernist feeling to it and the mono is gorgeous.



    Wow, lots going on!
    Was in Stratford yesterday and saw this (imitation) Airstream Caravan outside the RSC; so we had curvy caravan, curvy bake stands and curvy RSC Theatre even (if you look hard) curvy actor chappy!

    Stratford Curves


    Ian McNab

    John >>> I particularly like the curvy reflection of the bike stands in the shiny metal of the “Airstream”.


    meg cumming

    John what stonker of an image wish that American Airstream Caravan was mine.






    I prefer the container in the 2nd image Ken but things work best in three’s … so the composition on the first pips it at the post for me.



    Yes Delores I prefer the container and have just filled it and about to empty it—Ice cold–well its hot in it LOL


    Pete Robinson

    Thanks Dennis and Meg for your comments on my efforts. John I think your shot of the Airstream has got so much potential with all the amazing reflects you could get in it. Ken I prefer your first image as I think the two flowers are two far apart in the second.

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