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    Peter Robinson

    The theme for May is now closed.

    The theme for June 2016 is

    50 metres from your front door

    For inspiration for June’s theme I asked Ron Smith for some advice. He kindly suggested the theme of ’50 metres from your from door’ which he used as a subject in one of the assignments he used to set for us. So I’m now trying a digital version of this. So the subject is open and again there’s no restriction on when the photograph was taken. The only limitation is it has to be taken with 50 metres of your front door, but I’m not going to measure it. Go for it! 

    If anyone wants to see Ian’s document on uploading images to a post, please follow this link:-

    Ian’s document on uploading images



    This one has not been Ps

    Crewe Steampunk Weekend 28th-30th may 2016 Small-6651


    Peter Robinson

    Thank you vrey much for submitting this photo Wallace. I think it shows just how good a photograph with a lot of red in can look. We’re often advised to avoid red but this proves that’s not the case. It has the feel good factor


    Peter Robinson

    I took a few photos this afternoon in my backyard to show in this months theme.



    Photographing a large area of a garden is not easy, what looks good to the eye (which has a brain behind it!) often looks a confusing mass in a photo. Macro is easier in that sense, but brings a whole new set of problems. You will never get everything in focus (unless you “stack” which only suits a static subject) and therefore you need to get your zone of focus spot on (your picture frustrates terribly if you don’t), Peters picture of the line shows this beautifully. Then there is the issue of the distraction of damaged, diseased or missing bits on your subject which you often don’t notice when you press the shutter.

    You can look for things like the water droplets on leaves like  Lady’s Mantle, which Peter has taken here(not Lady’s Mantle in this case), he has cleverly made a pattern of it by having one central drop.

    Good set of shots.

    Have a look at http://www.igpoty.com/competition09/winners.asp?parent=winners

    Funnily enough I was preparing a critique of the winning image from 2016 to go on the website.


    Peter Robinson

    Thanks very much for your comments John. It’s very true that can be quite difficult to a background that doesn’t distract in some way. As gardens are colourful places out of focus bright colours are very eye catching. I find it quite interesting to use a very shallow depth of field for effect. It certainly shows you the world in a different way.
    There are many outstanding photographs on the link you kindly provided. it gives us inspiration and a high standard to aim for. They show how artistic nature photography can be by applying some imagination.

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