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    Ian McNab

    The theme for May is now closed.

    The theme for June 2014 is


    Post your images as replies to this post. (Make sure you’ve read the Guidelines first.)

    One thing the UK has plenty of at this time of year is weather. On the other hand, as we are at the start of the summer, you may be off to a place with a very different climate and weather. The weather can itself be the subject of evocative or dramatic photographs; but it also changes, affects and influences the appearance and feeling of all manner of other photographic subjects. So it offers lots of opportunities for creative work.

    Whatever the weather, have fun!



    Perfect timing! I was back at Crosby beach with my girlfriend yesterday and the sun brought lots of people out to enjoy themselves. This little girl’s Mum was teaching her how to fly a kite, once she’d got the hang of it her face just lit up with excitement.

    Blue skies and a kite

    And this young girl who looked so lost in thought sitting next to an iron man.


    meg cumming

    Love both of these Mervin.The first you are right she has a look of happiness on her face. Only bug bear is, I’d have cloned the persons legs at the top right out of the image as they are distracting.

    But the second one wins for me as it seems the girl is in conversation with the Steel Man. I might just have taken the litter out between her and the sculpture. I’m nit picking. The triangular composition works well, I don’t know if you had intended it, with The diagonal running from the man to the girl to the pail at the end, as the colour of it picks up from the girls vest.


    Be nice to see what else you have.


    Ian McNab

    I agree with Meg: the second photo is very good, with the connection between the sculpture and the girl, and the strong composition.

    (Is it a bit under-exposed? Or is there a slight colour cast from all that sand? Perhaps a bit more brightness and contrast might help, especially to separate the girl’s skin tone from the sandy background.)

    Very nice shot, Merv!



    Pete Robinson

    You’re quick of the Mark Melvin. You’ve caught the expression well in the first shot and I like the way you’ve placed the two important elements in diagonal corners.

    The second one is a bit dark on my screen and it uses a similar diagonal composition. I find it quite a thoughtful picture. I think I would have cropped out the right had 1/4 and made it a squarer format.



    Thanks for the feedback everyone, I admit I was a bit concerned they might come across as holiday snaps, but I worked hard on getting a composition that made both tell more of a story.

    Meg … You’ve given me a good excuse to practice a bit more on Photoshop, legs away it is! Glad you asked about the bucket in the second shot, it was intentional. I liked the way the sizes sloped down plus it’s colour almost matched the girl’s top.

    Ian … I’d be interested to see how the 2nd shot looks on your monitor. It doesn’t look too bad on mine though I can see where you’re coming from with the colour cast comment.

    Peter … Stop calling me Melvin and start calling me Mervin and we’ll get along well 😀 Seriously though, I almost did crop the 2nd shot so it was square and just had the iron man and the girl, it would definitely work like that. I just found including the bucket was a bit more unexpected.

    Here’s the 2nd one cropped and with some extra brightness and contrast … see what you think


    Ian McNab

    Your edited version’s really good, Merv. 🙂


    Ian McNab



    Summer rain



    Good start folks.

    I’d keep that bucket in the picture; it definitely adds something. With the bucket it is no longer a snapshot. Some would clone out the litter

    Isn’t it difficult to photograph rain? Too fast a shutter speed and it is nearly invisible. Ian has illustrated two things; a dark background helps and using an effect of rain too works. Through glass you have to decide on point of focus; glass or object beyond and both can be effective.



    Morrisons car park blues


    Pete Robinson

    Two totally different pictures Ian of a similar subject. I find the red very powerful in the first shot as it contrasts so strongly with the green.It has an oil painting effect about it that I really like. In complete contrast the second shot almost freezes the falling rain drops and has a fresh feel about it.

    How know how it feels Mervin to sit in your car watching the rain and I think your photo sums up that feeling aptly.


    Ian McNab

    More British Summertime photographs…



    In a thunderstorm

    Raindrops keep falling…

    Fuchsias in the rain



    TAKEN FROM ARM CHAIR––no brolley required.


    Ian McNab

    Love the combination of colours in this one, Ken.


    Pete Robinson

    I think in the first photo you could try different shutter speeds to see the effect on the falling rain drops. A faster speed would have frozen the droplets more. It all depends on what effect your after. It’s interesting in the seond photo how the rain drops against the tree are light and the ones against the sky are look dark. I suppose it’s all to do with what they’re reflecting.

    The water dropets in your third photo Ian gives the flower a fresh feel. I like the way the sharp reds contrast with the bliurred green which helps give it depth.

    Ken, I think you’ve got the right idea. It makes a good abstarct photo. I wonder what it would look like if you focused in the background?

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